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  1. But you get so many options to gear up now! (2 buildings, big ones to be fair... but still.)
  2. Just hold "W" when you swap seats and it doesn't break.
  3. I don't like the current setup since it makes longrange fights in duo and squad quite pointless. But if we are to keep it I just feel that it should offer something else, I have always been a fan of just faceplant so you can't do callouts and you can get ressed but not killed without the entire team dying but the ress takes like 30+ sec. So it acctually gives some insentive to stay in the fight. As it is now usually 3-4 teams just completely destroy eachother then then "winner" suicides or quits. Kinda boring with sub 40 after the first few circles.
  4. He could just keep the overlay until the plane starts, atleast then they won't know map, mode or when he press ready.
  5. I kind of agree that there should be some sort of minor delay to instafinish, sort of like 5 sec where you face plant and can't move and after that you can crawl and get finished. But I'm very much on the fence about it. I would much prefer if the DBNO was simply removed and you just flat out die. But if we keep the DBNO there should be some sort of change, because as it is now we simply instakill unless they previously knocked one of us and either he's at risk or they simply let him be.
  6. It would be pretty insane, just lob nades into a house and have 1 guy rush with the nades. #godmode. If TK is a problem, just make it so that if you shoot a teammate you take the damage. Not perfect, since griefers will still just move infront of your weapon all the time. But it atleast takes a bit more "skill".
  7. I can count my number of solo games on one hand. (That are not related to quests that is.) I'm basically 75% duo, 25% squads. We did an "experiment" this evening and just had everyone jump the same building, everyone got loot enough to take the first encounter in Severny, Mylta and Yas.
  8. Only since Beta, so no I haven't played as epically long as you. And somehow I still know, maybe through magic, that loot was nowhere close to this level in the past. Was it higher? Yes a bit, but nowhere near this. Stop making things up, it's possible to argue without fallacies. Well you clearly don't, so this is kinda pointless. And my last point seems to have gone a bit over your head.
  9. I perfectly understand your guys point of view, but we already got two maps who are a complete lootfest. I honestly don't see a huge difference between landing in a small mash of buildings and being fully decked and just dropping decked. I have loved this game from the start because it's about adaptation and survival. It's you guys who don't seem to get the point about having a lesser hand dealt to you and still being able to overcome those odds and win against a stronger team, that is action and adrenaline. It makes perfect sense, might just have to widen your view of others perspectives. You don't hear me complain about the loot on Sanhok or Vikendi, I simply don't play those maps when I'm not in the mood for a "fully decked on drop" game. Each map has it charm, why feel the need to destroy erangles? Edit; And as I have pointed out countless times, you have to realise that all people don't work on everything... right? Please say you do.
  10. It's a huge difference forcing a situation and being forced to adapt to one.
  11. I think you need to work on your general reading comprehension. Never seen a guy, hopefully, try to misunderstand every single post in a thread this much since 1992.
  12. Great attitude overall, look at what you are typing. From what I can read you are the only one who is afraid to fight, unless you are at equal or better terms. I love the increased challenge of Tommy, pistol or shotty vs a lucky AR. If I get only CQC weapons I just grab a car and create a CQC situation. This is a great example from the early stages of PUBG, I just don't get those kind of moments anymore which is sad (We speak SWE in the vid but you get the point.),:
  13. I'm not saying things haven't changed, I just don't feel it's as noticeable as people make them out to be. I rarely have any problems controling the vehicles, including the Buggy and the UAZ. Just don't use shift if you hit a bump or are doing a sharp turn on anything but road and it's perfectly fine. And I don't generally care about what others think, I just explain my point of view. The masses aren't always right, just as I'm not in other peoples view. The loot buffs is a great example. My main point about the whole troll thing was; this is a matter of opinion, not facts. I personally prefer when it takes some level of skill to drive, which again comes down to the reason why I'm the only one driving. Not because I'm perfect but because my squadmates are utter trash at driving.
  14. Nice way to meet a disagreement, call them trolls. The driving has always been wonky in PUBG but it's really not as hard or bad as you describe it. Also don't know what real life driving experience has to do with anything, if you got 1h of real life experience you can tell that PUBG is in no way a driving sim. Same as with the atari "brag"(?), yes we are a lot of people who played back then but how is it even relevant? If you truly are as old as you claim, act it. And finally if you got 4k or 1k of playtime doesn't matter, your argument is no more or less valid. A good example is that I always drive in my squad, the rest have about the same gametime but about 5% of my time behind the wheel combined.
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