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  1. I don't know what holes you think you can see behind him, because he moves directly at you. What I do see after you go down is a nice bullet pattern around where his head was, but not behind it. I literally watch these hit the wall during the fight. I don't see any bullets disappear through him.
  2. I haven't had time to see the whole video yet, but every single one of those S12 shots the video starts at either hit the stairs or were wide. Play it back at .25 speed, two slam into the stairs and the rest practically circle the target.
  3. This is happening a lot less by majority of people's experience, and I'm with Cave here. You sound much less certain than you should be.
  4. Circle is good, just change up how you play a little. Roll with the punches like the rest of us.
  5. Except when you queue up for squads without a prebuilt team that's hard to do. I see nothing wrong with temp markers and I think they should be in game in some capacity.
  6. This thread has a mod addressing this issue.
  7. It literally is a bug, the game doesn't load the player data around you until they hit the ground so you don't see them until you both are landed. Please be less condescending.
  8. Your butt is already sexy, strut that stuff!
  9. That's a confusing way to put that. I'm excited for not having to wear white because my crates have been crap lol.
  10. Kringe7

    FIX UMP?

    UMP is fine. As it is, I prefer Micro Uzi if I have all attachments and have an AR, as they're close range weapons and they only excel in that regard. You can still manage kills at range with an UMP, but the guy with the AR will win 100% of the time in a firefight at range if both are even remotely similarly skilled. Next you're gonna say to nerf the double barrel cause it can kill quick in close range too lol.
  11. Apologies, but I don't see anything here that would indicate this is being addressed in this patch. I might be blind though. Mind pointing it out?
  12. This has been known to be caused by pulling your parachute early instead of letting it auto deploy. This may be what causes this, and so for the mean time you can avoid it by not pulling early. However, the Devs are aware of the issue and I assume it's somewhere on their to do list.
  13. Not all things are subjective. Very clearly shown here, and literally everywhere else, is that the 2gb 760 blows the 750ti out of the water: http://www.game-debate.com/gpu/index.php?gid=883&gid2=882&compare=geforce-gtx-750-ti-vs-geforce-gtx-760 The 750ti was made to be a low power, small computer, low heat solution to gaming. The 750ti doesn't even need PSU pins unless it's a higher power variant, and even then it doesn't come close. And plenty of people run this game on 2gb VRAM on low settings with minimal frame loss(45fps or so). However, having less than 16gb of ram is generally problematic for most people, as the game has ram leak issues.
  14. I'm just excited to not have all whiteclothing, I stand out like a nekkid person with the gear I've been given from these crates.
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