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  1. Since around the patch before the last one, I'm having a bug where my tool tips (Press "F" to pickup X), show as if I was using a controller. I don't have any controller plugged in nor I have ever played PUBG with a controller. This happened most of the time, but now it's happening every game. I'm using PS3 controller when playing some other Steam games and i haven't played a game of PUBG with a controller plugged in.
  2. I've just started playing the game, i downloaded it, and it worked just fine. After a couple games it started crashing like every game. I can maybe play one full game and the next just makes my PC reboot. I've seen some people have this problem, but I can't find any solution or any news on if it is gonna be solved or what am I supposed to do. My PC can play just about any other game (Dark Souls lll on Ultra, Overwatch, The Division). The GPU temps are usually around 60-65ºC on the lobby and around 55ºC while in-game (very low settings). CPU temps are not higher than 50ºC. Any help or information is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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