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  1. So I think I finally solved this issue. It turns out that, for some reason, Razer Synapse was automatically muting all audio from PubG. I didnt even know Synapse had an audio mixer tab until I discovered it while I was reconfiguring my 7.1 virtual surround settings. Once I unchecked the mute option in synapse the game boots up with audio properly every time. i don't know why Synapse decided to mute pubg but ive never had this happen with any other game.
  2. Started a thread yesterday about a similar thing. I think a lot fo people have been experiencing his recently.
  3. Hey, i recently started a topic regarding soem questionable deaths of mine, two of which involved vehicles. Also, i have had a situation with vehicles twice now where the bronco and/or vw bus have rolled onto their side, and come to a stop so i get out, but right when i get out the vehicle decides to right itself, then kills me by crushing me when it rolls back on to its wheels.. I've also see this behavior in some youtube clips.
  4. I have had a few buggy deaths in the past week or so: most common; sometimes when vaulting/climbing obstacles I will just insta-die, and I get a message saying I died from falling. I think the vaulting animation just bugs out. Yesterday I was driving a truck down a hill on the Miramar map, and suddenly died. The message said I ran my self over even though I didn't get out of the vehicle. and my body was still in the car as i watched the post death screen. and the scariest one so far, I went to stand a motorcycle up that was laying on its side, right when I clicked "F" on it, it blew up and killed me instantly even though I was in a duos match. My team mate had no chance of reviving me. When I watched the replay it looked like the motorcycle was clipping into the floor geometry but when I was in game it did not seem to be clipping. This one scared the crap out of me. anyone else having these issues, its very frustrating to continually encounter these random deaths that i cant do anything about.
  5. Why oh why does this game hate my USB headset sooooo much? I have had nothing but trouble with my Razer Kraken USB headset when playing this game (and this game ONLY). I have two audio devices that I switch between; my USB headset, and my PC speakers (analog). When I start PUBG I usually have my headset enabled as the default device and I ALWAYS have to enable, then immediately disable my PC speaker device in my Sound device manager for the audio to start playing through my headset. However sometimes, no matter what I do I can not get the audio to play through my USB headset. I can unplug/re-plug the headset, switch USB ports, restart my computer, it doesn't matter. If it doesn't want to work at that moment, it wont work. I'll usually give up and go play something else. I have tried my wife's analog headset and it works fine. After a while I will try launching the game again and the audio will work. This is REALLY frustrating because I can not find a fix, or even determine the root of the issue, but it is isolated to PUBG, I don't have this issue with any other games. Its as if the game just doesn't want to detect my headset. Has anyone had this issue or know of a fix (aside from "just buy a new headset bruh") Thanks
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