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  1. If you reload an S1896 completely, the final shotgun shell is not chambered/pumped as part of the reload animation. The only way to pump it to chamber a shell is by actually firing the gun. This means that there are times when you're fighting people and instead of a fully armed and ready shotgun, you have to pump it once. Many times, I am pointing directly at someone and the gun pumps instead of fires. I figured others have written about this before, however, I feel so inclined to report this because this issue recently killed my team. I was in a position to kill the last person on an opposing team and instead my shotgun chambered a round when I pressed mouse one instead of firing. Hence, I died when he turned around and shot my in the face. The pump action is honestly one of my favorite guns, but this bug is really a life-or-death sort of thing and needs to be fixed. Please just add the final pump to the reload animation instead of when you fire the first round after a reload.
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