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  1. Did many tests yesterday. Put my keyboard in qwerty, launched the game. Reseted to default, save, close and open game => Problem still here. (forward and follow both on the same key) Keyboard in azerty => Problem still here (forward and follow both on the same key) Closed the game, put my keyboard in qwerty, redid all my settings in qwerty. I put forward on W and Follow on i. => Problem still here. (forward and follow both on the same key) Closed the game, put the keyboard in azerty => Problem still here. (forward and follow both on the same key) the only way I have to get follow on another key than forward is to bind forward on something else than W on qwerty or Z in azerty
  2. So I land on the roof of the boxing ring, I take massive damage for whatever reason. I pick some bandage, get to the outside stairs, lie down and heal up. And then this happens :
  3. For some reason it didn't notify me of your answer. I'll try that and report back to you
  4. Cannot edit first post anymore, I don't know why. Here is an illustration of what I'm talking about. It does this when I press Z (and if I put the forward key on something else than Z, I don't have this problem, but it's not a solution, it's a work around)
  5. I'm talking about the "Follow command" as seen in this article https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-05-25-pubg-replay-controls-fast-forward-skip-ahead-use-the-camera-5414 I play with a french keyboard (azerty) which means Z is used for me as "Forward" for everything. Turns out that the "Follow player" command is also bound on Z and you can't change it (I know there is a line called "Follow cam" but it's not doing anything when I change it) That means when I press Z, it does "forward" and "follow player" at the same time. I want to rebind the second one but there is no such thing in my settings, it seems to be hardcoded
  6. I found the reason why. There is a hidden key affectation on Z key that is "follow player". I can't change that in the game atm. My keyboard is AZERTY which means everytime i press Z to go forward with the camera, it also follow the player
  7. This is really annoying when trying to follow a scene and suddenly you have to press forward again and the camera goes out of its way to snap on a player. All you can do with it is rotating with the mouse around the player it's snapped to until you release the forward key. Example ! In this clip I tried to make the camera closer to the player, so I look toward the player and press F. What it does instead is keep the existant distance between the camera and the player and rotate around him
  8. You should, you know, learn to read, I asked for this only for observers when watching esports. Of course I don't want this in game...
  9. I really like the constructive answers here. I thought I would find better community here than on reddit, I guess I'm wrong.
  10. I'm still having this issue 8 months later, it snaps to a player near the center of my screen when I press the Forward button. It's really annoying to watch replays
  11. Watching esports, I really have a hard time following teamfights in the killfeed, even though now I know there's a bloodstain on the confirmed kill line. I suggest, only for observers, to show the number of people alive in every line for a confirmed kill. (3/4) would mean 3 players alive remaining. We could even imagine (3/4 TeamLogo.png) Thoughts?
  12. I've been through the settings twice just to be sure, but there isn't a bind to my Z key to "Center camera on player". In freecam, pressing Z snaps the center of your screen on a player as long as you are pressing it. Problem is that in azerty keyboards (french) Z is the way to move forward and pubg can't do both at the same time.
  13. Same issue with Fraps, you can't launch pubg if Fraps is running
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