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  1. Cuti8tushu

    Makes you wonder

    This happened to me BEFORE the patch soo.. Pretty sure they're just farming/exploiting the High Rank = More BP _______________ (They're) Just farmers. They have like 100 computers AFK underneath the map. Top 10 = 300BP = 100 computers = 30,000BP / 20mins 120,000BP/hr... Buy some crates, sell a few for $20-30... $30 / hr? lol rinse n repeat Ok, maybe the last part I'm bullshitting, I have no idea what the market is like selling/buying crates/special items =P
  2. Cuti8tushu

    Cheating Discussion

    Yep they're still here, it'll only get worst.
  3. Cuti8tushu

    Cheating Discussion

    True, but it comes to the point where hacking has become so prevalent, it's a running joke on the forums now lol. Like "Please give us more crates/keys" sort of deal ha
  4. Cuti8tushu

    Cheating Discussion

    It's part of the RNG lol LIke hm... Will I be killed by hackers in this game or no? Dun dun dun
  5. Cuti8tushu

    Cheating Discussion

    Lol placebo effect at its best I guess.
  6. Maybe it's intentional? Not sure
  7. So sometimes I get FPS spikes then I restart the game so that it becomes smooth again. Welp, the replay doesn't record after I re-join the match.
  8. Cuti8tushu

    Cheating Discussion

    I'm always weary looking at their charts. It's like a the Nike Site that leaves only the positive reviews for their Nike shoes.. They're just going to leave the positive ones so people would buy more and the negative reviews become "lost". And since PUBG is a steam exclusive game sooo, yea taking numbers from them doesn't seem trustworthy. But that's just me
  9. Can't set it it to scroll up for pitch down and scroll down for pitch up. But able to do the other way.
  10. Cuti8tushu

    General Vehicle Issues, Bugs and Unpredictable Physics

    Probably not new, looks like the second vehicle that explodes at 0:09 the vehicle damage indicator stopped responding. And the obvious, stuck in object. Low res because it just got uploaded, may have to wait a few minutes for youtube finishes updating the video to 1440p
  11. Hello, solo squad career stats doesn't seem to be separate or visible. I think it's combined with normal squad. Would be cool if I could see stats that are for solo squad only. Tanks
  12. I don't, it keeps me up at every night and every day =/
  13. Lol pretty sure he was just joking.. If not, ban me too lol. I killed a person back in the day when the double barrel shotgun had 3 shots. Killed someone with the 3rd shot =D
  14. Cuti8tushu

    Vehicle Sounds Improvement - Discussion

    Meanwhile, we don't have animations for getting in/out of vehicles lol =D