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  1. I'll jump in on this because PUBG has always been quiet relative to everything else on my computer for me and I've talked about it plenty of times over the last year. I took a bit of a break and the sound issues seem even worse coming back to the game. I did jump in for a bit when they had the option to turn the "anti-cheat" on or off and the difference in sound levels for me between those options was very noticeable with the "anti-cheat" causing a lower and seemingly muted and homogenized sound level relative to not using it. I have confirmed that the difference between 48Khz output and other options (44.1, 88.2, and 96) makes a major difference in the past, but since I've been back to playing in the last month the difference is not as distinct as it has been for me in the past (I would say other output frequencies are maybe 90% the output of 48Khz now as opposed to 75% in the past). The options of 16 or 24 bit output haven't made any noticeable difference for me. My system specs are: i7-4790k (stock clock rate) 16GB RAM running at 1600 GTI 1070 As per PUBG_sheepy 's list of diagnostic questions: 1: Present on headphones although it is an issue for all sound devices. I run all output in stereo. 2: Steelseries Siberia 800s 3: No 4: Windows 7 Home Premium 5: My sound defaults, in Windows, to my speakers over my sound card (although headphones is also a recognized device in the Windows list but I switch to them to play). 6: I have an Asus Strix Soar soundcard, with the most current drivers, running off of the speaker jack for the speakers (same issues present with speakers versus headphones) and headphones with "High Impedance" selected (to boost sound levels). I have also tested this with onboard Realtek sound and experienced the same issues. 7: Asus Strix Soar drivers version 1.1.18 8: Everything but lobby music is 100%, same issues with HRTF on and off. 9: Surround sound is not enabled on either my sound card or my headphones although I've noticed that the sound level is much lower if I enable either in the past.
  2. I'd say the only time I could watch a deathcam and know for certain their was a recoil cheat is when people shoot with the 8x rapid fire. I've gotten many times better at recoil control playing this game and will occasionally be spraying guys down at 50-75m so successfully that if there's even a bit lost on showing the horizontal recoil I know it's got to look like a macro on deathcam. I think it's the sort of thing that you can only say for sure if the control is incongruous with the rest of their play or when you see a visual pattern across a lot of bullets.
  3. Not all of them. I think that's what makes ESP so pernicious. Last night I got killed by a person that I'm 80% sure was using ESP and an aimbot last night that could have, theoretically, just been a very good player as well. Just took a headshot out of nowhere while I was sprinting to flank an opponent. I watched the killcam and the guy was in a building about 250-400m away. He looked in my direction, scoped in, and dropped me all in about a 3-4 second period. That could be a very good shooter or a lucky shot easily enough. Rewatching the deathcam I noticed that he was doing lateral movements back and forth in a strange way (more of an electric slide than a standard wiggle for dodging headshots. Thinking about it I realized he was probably adjusting his angle to opponents to check for clear line of sight with an ESP program so he could take shots. Assuming I'm right on my deduction, that actually takes a decently trained eye to catch. Although I don't run into many obvious cheaters (maybe four that I had a high confidence were cheating in the last two months), the effect they can have on a person's enjoyment of the game is heavy. Out of my two games last night I had one where I got randomly killed by (probably) a cheater and a win. In my brain that's a kinda 'meh' game session. If I'd have just screwed up and died because I was being overly aggressive in my first game (which I was actually getting ready to make happen when I got killed) then it would have been an enjoyable session.
  4. Deathcam has been nice for being able to identify people using cheats, but I'll also say that it's kind of refreshing when it shows you a player wasn't cheating, too. Last night I took third after popping over a ridge that I knew there was an enemy on the other side of, he was already looking right at me so we both went full auto and he won while I saw no blood at all. The deathcam let me see that he was cycling through about five points he thought people might come from (with two other players alive) and that I got him to about 20% health. It was nice to see that I just got beat in a head to head instead of going up against an ESP user.
  5. If you switch to just ADS and set it on Right Mouse Button it will ADS you when you right click a marker with the map open. This is happening with ADS set to hold, not sure if you get the same result with it set to toggle.
  6. @Psychoghost Gaming I think I've seen were there are bulletproof curtains in windows that don't render from range. It seems like probably the windows should have at least shattered though.
  7. We're theorizing this is a firewall problem in another thread. The game goes to different places for game servers and the character servers.
  8. @Kronos340 If you are playing first person the stats are not recorded yet. If you are playing third person the stats usually take a game or so to update.
  9. If you go a bit SW of the Y (in Yasnaya) there's great defilade that can actually run you most of the way into the center of that circle on foot, I'd drive to that.
  10. @soetspryt Stat updates are usually about a game behind unless the tracking goes down.
  11. This is a known issue when using ReShade. I actually prefer it stopped.
  12. I'm pretty sure this is an artifact when it purges old map info from the RAM moving from one area of the map to another. If it happens more often moving fast in vehicles then you're probably describing the same thing I get, I've also seen plenty of streamers get it as well.
  13. Police Station, I guess that's fairly close to Prison. And yah Bunkers is both what we call it and much more accurate.
  14. Bug Description:For about a month I've had an issue where when I go prone it will stand me back up immediately after I hit the ground. It happens probably 90% of the time I go prone but I don't think every time. If I hit the prone key again while it's standing me back up it will usually toss my character model to the ground and leave it there. While dealing with this behavior last night, trying to go prone on some rough terrain on the cliffline on the coast SE of Pochinki, I ended up tapping and doubletapping Z a few times and ended up doing a prone that seemed to be about double speed in both animation rhythm and travel speed. It lasted until I came up from being prone. I didn't try to reproduce it so don't know if it's a one off Date Seen: About a month running for the bug, glitch was July 25th Server: Live Troubleshooting Attempted:Tried changing the bound key for prone then changing it back to Z Other Information:I haven't ruled out the switch on my Z key hitting twice, but that would still mean doubletapping Z causes you to do a burpee Launch Options:None System Specifications:Win 7HP 64bit, i7-4790k, GTX 1070, 2x8GB DDR3-2133
  15. @Skilze It looks like it's just not loading the texture for sections of the ground, probably a weird interaction with a setting like view distance or maybe a weird interaction with the plane. From the screenshot it looks like it would be obnoxious but something that isn't a major issue if it's just happening in the plane. If that's the case I'd just ignore it. I'm not sure there'd be any easy fix for this since it seems like it'd just be a game bug.
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