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  1. Czesc! Jestem obecny z reguly kazdego wieczoru od 19 do 22/23 i cale weekendy. Wystartowal sezon trzeci i chcial bym pograc troche na powazniej z ogarniajaca mechanike gry osoba. Spokojniejszy loot na poczatku, nie zbyt dlugo, bo silna pozycja w strefie i dotarcie tam przed innymi jest warta wiecej niz lootowanie 30 minut. Nie unikam wszystkich walk, strzelanie z glowa i pasywna, sytuacyjna agresja jest bardzo wazna. Jesli jestes ogarnietym czlowiekiem, masz skonczone 18 lat i potrafisz wyciagac wnioski oraz przyznac sie do bledu i sie nie spinac, dodaj mnie na steam, prosze. https://steamcommunity.com/id/NiNJAWALK/
  2. Czesc wszystkim! Mam 23 lata i szukam osoby, ktora w tygodniu bedzie miala czas po pracy by zagrac kilka gier DUO FPP (tylko DUO squady mnie w ogole nie interesuja). Idealny kandydat wininien miec checi do uczenia sie nowych stylow gry, analizowania posuniec i wyciagania wnioskow z powtorek - kazdy toksyczny czlowiek odpada. Nie mam ochoty klocic sie z nikim, szukam ogarnietej osoby (300H +), ktora ma ambicje na stale top 20, co jest jak najbardziej osiagalne. Chetnych zapraszam do dodania na steam - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198032876530/
  3. Yep. I could happily play thorough a session of DUOs with not a single problem, everything was back to normal. Today i started my pc and its the same again. Not a single update or change performed... I did just do CC cleaner and erased all the bad stuff. Didn't help. I decided to delete all the .Ini files in WindowsNoEditor folder. It partly solved the issue. The game is back in FULL SCREEN since then but i get horrible fps (20-40) and i still have only 3 resolution options to chose... Also i realized that rolling back the display driver solves the issue entirely, but when i get into cities the textures flash white and its unplayable (but fps rate is pretty high and smooth).
  4. UPDATE!!! Yesterday i DDU deleted my display driver and reinstalled it right after i wrote this post. It solved the issue for the rest of the night. I played till about 3am having no problems at all. How on earth is this possible that i haven't done any change since last night, just switched the PC off. I start it today, launch the game and the same bloody thing! Oh my god i am about to give up on this game, this is beyond any joke.
  5. I do not have multiple screen setup. I use only one monitor - HP X2301 . Yes, i did modify .Ini files before (2 reinstallations ago) as part of the FPS boost guide. I have edited about three of them, but after i realized it made my game look too bad while not giving me much higher fps rate, i deleted all the .Inis hoping that it would make it go back to default settings. I have no launch options at all. PS. Thank You for Your interest in my case.
  6. It seems like this is ordinary Generic PnP Monitor driver indeed.
  7. HI guys i would like to desperately ask You for help. I have been having issues with this game regardless very decent specs. Multiple rebooting used to be the solution for last couple of days but it seems to no longer work . Whenever i launch the game, the black screen with BLUEHOLE logo loads up full screen, then the window shrinks once i get to main menu. I attach a screenshot explaining it all. I have only 3 basic resolution options to chose (800*600, 1024*720, 1920*1080), besides that the game seems to work as normal, but if i get into the game, my fps is horrible and game feels veeery rough - i get like 19 fps. The lower resolution i set, the smaller the window gets, outside of window stays unchanged and i can use desktop as normal without ALT TABBING the game although its set to full screen as you can see. Please guys, help as I am desperately trying to find a solution. Steps already taken: Complete Windows reinstall Game re-downloaded All drivers updated Power plan set to high performance Deleted AMD Crimson Relive Deleted AMD Raptr My specs: CPU: Intel i7 6700K SKYLAKE 4.00 GHZ GPU: AMD MSI RADEON R9 390 series 8 GDDR5 MB: MSI z170a m5 gaming RAM: Corsair Predator 16GB (8x2) SSD1 System: Kingston HyperX 240 GB SSD2 Games/Programs: Kingston HyperX 480 GB LIQUID COOLING: Corsair H100i v2 PSU: Corsair AX 860 Modular HDD 8TB STORAGE
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