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  1. Every second game like 5% up to 25% loss, next game 0% Everything was going fine for long time. but now since ~3-4 weeks i got pkt loss? Got this problem only with pubg! so pls fix it!
  2. Almost every second game we got packet loss... whats going on???
  3. kicked user... cant reconnect into the game wp blueballs/battleeye
  4. Hi, ich suche einen PUBG-Streamer für die Anmeldung am BAAL10 Turnier. Was ist das? -> siehe LINK Einfach bei Gelegenheit bei mir auf dem channel melden -> LINK
  5. I only came to one conclusion... This all is a psychological experiment: - Anti cheat is probably fake - Ranking system is probably fake - Queing system is probably fake - Even the ban numers are probably fake They want to check out how long a community will stay with a game until they found out theyre lied to and got robed by their money. -Thats my conspiracy theory- Sorry for bad english^^
  6. OK guys... I didnt get a single chicken dinner today (~10h of playing pubg on every server in every mode). Cant even reach top 10 so far because i get killed of cheaters before! Im not shroud, but 6 weeks before i got top 10 in 4 of 5 games! Now im constantly watching deathcam to see a guy whos shooting 600m with not even scoping right into my head... Only because im so addicted to this game heres my offer - at the end of march i will decide going for fortnite and take everyone with me i can... "in tears..." Stop sitting around! GET RID OF THE CHEATERS NO MATTER WHAT! Cant understand what the hell is going on here?! billions of bans??? And the more you bann the more cheaters show up Oo?!?!?!?! No more patches, no more content! JUST FIX THIS CHEATING CRAP... Best game ever (battle royal) - No one will play this game in about 3-4 months except billions of cheaters... P.S. Look into your forums! Im not alone with this! Stop the penalty forum stuff for telling the truth - go and do something against the real problems and the whinethreads will stop... BYE
  7. Today i died to cheaters with aimbot and no recoil stuff literally in every single game! whats happening? is anti cheat offline or something?!
  8. This whole cheating thing gets bigger and bigger. I play pubg every day in my stream for about 3-5 hours from monday to thursday and 6-20 hours on the weekend. Now here my observations: In the last 3 weeks i got tons of videos from death cam which proof that this player was cheating to kill me (only the "100% sure cheaters). I used to play on every server, but my main server is EU. And until now (before this 3 weeks) our EU server was kind of "clean". I played on KR/JP - guys RLY! You have no idea whats going on there! (10 games - 7 deads by cheaters with aimbot and/or wallhack and stuff). Like i said, i got tons of videos to proof... Okey so i went back to my "clean" EU server and guess what - now here comes the last 3 week report. In solo, duo, squad, fpp, tpp, it doesnt matter - cheaters... How come after so much bans (they said Oo) the cheater community is rising like wtf =OOO Heres my thoughts - They got tired of playing against each other on ther KR/JP and AS server so they come to EU. #feelsbadman "K3c5km411245iP hast killed you" Think about it...... (no this is no real player name its only an example) And again - pls dont let this super nice game die cause of this people! PLS!
  9. That proves something went wrong with the "alive-counter" like in my game ->
  10. On my last game i got into the 1on1 situation in the last circle. I didnt know exactly where my opponent was so i decided to grab the position without waiting. I jumped into a buggy drove to a big stone. I jumped out and got shot from out of the white circle. After couple hits i saw him on the hill to my left. He didnt kill me and i got behind the stone. i saw him in 3rd person "aborting" his try to kill me and he went back on his hill. In that second i immediately start medding and then i got shot from behind! IT WAS NOT the guy in front of me on the other side of this big stone. So wtf? Was there an issue with the "alive counter"? I cant understand what happened there but i got vision all the time on my opponent on the hill with 3rd perspective look and he didnt kill me! End screen tells me i got 2nd. I dont know what you can do but this is the game, in my opinion something went wrong with the counter or smth like that:
  11. cool! dann adde mich mal pls im steam oder schreibe mich an
  12. noch immer auf der Suche!
  13. Hi, Kurz und knapp: Ich suche einen guten Squad der bereit ist die Top 100 EU zu stürmen! PN an mich!
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