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  1. lol wtf happened to op´s community reputation?
  2. natznatz2

    Need Binoculars In PUBG

    not really necessary but I don´t see a reason why not to add one. Could be fun
  3. lets get back map exclusion first with still beeing able to select only one map if you want to. I pretty much like all the maps except for Vikendi so I single queue the map I want to play, which is Erangel and Sanhok most of the times because I still like them slightly more than Miramar and the queues take too long. However if I had the chance to set up a M/S/E - queue I would definetly do it and I know some people who would do the same. I think this could already help a lot, if not we can still think of other changes but we should really keep the option to select only one map as long as we can, at least in healthy populated regions
  4. natznatz2

    Canted sights / Vikendi Nights

    there you go. Was posted an hour ago
  5. natznatz2

    Loot on erangel

    the only thing I would like to see is a slight improvement of the loot in military base and school. Military base is ok and people go there anyways but what the hell happened to school? You even struggle to find a single AR in there. And a higher spawn rate for the mutant on Sanhok. It seems to be by far the rarest AR which makes no sense since it´s not that amazing. I´ve found more m24 in the last month...
  6. natznatz2

    vote kick on squad

    When you get teamkilled in random squads the other 3 guys most likely know each other so they have the number advantage. Or instead of teamkilling they vote kick YOU...
  7. natznatz2

    Gun Idea: IZH94

    good idea but I don´t like shotguns and I don´t like the win94... Maybe as a troll weapon for Vikendi
  8. It´s not about the trash smg loot. I get that and I guess it´s not planned to change. It´s about pubg removing normal guns from the loot table to... lower weapon diversity?
  9. 1. add the option so we can take of the hood of a jacket without having to equip a hat 2. PAI jacket is currently broken on a male character. You don´t see the "playerunknown´s battlegrounds" on the back
  10. also the dailys... it seems like those dudes have never played pubg and have no sense for what is feasible
  11. natznatz2

    add tactical and normal reload

    nah we don´t have to create another Escape from Tarkov. They could keep the inventory full of ammo but only when you do a longer reload the ammo gets added back to the total number
  12. It has worked in the past but now you can´t press any keys anymore while in the loading screen so the voice chat key doesn´t work either
  13. natznatz2

    shot guns

    realistic shotguns would be op but I agree, they could use a buff. Maybe reduce the spread to what it is with a choke now and increase the distance at which it kill in 2 shots
  14. I kinda agree with @R315r4z0r. As much as I would like it, features like wind or dehydration are probably too much. I don´t think they´ll put in that much effort and basically create a whole new game just to add a new gamemode. HOWEVER I really hope they consider adding a "realism" mode of some sort. For example fpp with stuff like no hud, slightly higher damage, ammo in dropped mags not magically floating back in your inventory (add tactical + normal reload),... and true, gunshots/overall sounds and weapon models could get a rework in 2019 as the major issues of game are fixed and now they can finally get to polishing rest or adding new stuff