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  1. pubg mobile has shifted quite a lot from pubg pc. A lot of changes have been made to make it simpler and more comfortable to play on a phone and with the success tencent decided to make it even more casual to appeal to an even larger audience. The base pubg game is hard and it´s designed the way that you don´t get a lot of help
  2. What about making the laser a top rail attachment that goes in the slot of the canted sight. I don´t think anybody would ever take it over a grip and I think the choice between laser and canted sight would be more balanced.
  3. Yeah you should be able to lock the doors if you wish to, but for now, if you have an enemy team in your tank try to park it on the edge of the blue zone so only they get damage. Works especially great in late game
  4. the reload sounds like those 3D holophinic sound illusions
  5. If only one dude has a soft mic I don´t want the others to blast my ears deaf when I increase the general voice chat audio. Btw the pre-set volume in the setting is at the max too so there would be no way of increasing it anyway
  6. what about having the standard volume bar in the middle so we can make teammates louder too if their mic is too soft to understand them
  7. I doubt that barricades and deployable shields will destroy gunplay or even affect it but I also don´t really see myself in many situations where they would be usefull. The fights in pubg happen way too quick and beeing defensive or barricading yourself is mostly very disadventageous. Most of the times you´re better off when you change position. I like the idea but I don´t think it would work out in pubg claymores and mines are a safe nope for me tho
  8. It would be genuinely interesting to know how many people actually bought a pistol skin for 10$. Can´t even imagine some of the "whales" to buy it
  9. or make them not crash the game all the time. Literally all the crashes I´ve had lately where while landing. I can´t remember the time I´ve actually finished a war mode because at some point the game crashes right before landing. It happens in normal mode too, I gotta say not that often but it does happen once in a while and then it´s very very annoying + it´s the only reason for crashes, so either get rid of it or finally fix it please. Some fancy landing animations are not worth the stability issues
  10. it´s a flare drop tho, so it better be good
  11. apperantly they´re still doing some testing. I am not sure by any means but I heard that the new season will start end of july (maybe 27th) so we might expect Erangel dropping with it. But again, spectulation with dates I have flying around in my head, so don´t take it 100% certainly.
  12. I kinda like it, especially the glock but yeah, they should probably start off with finally giving us some plain black skins for all guns instead of going all out with orange, pink and turquoise
  13. It´s actually 4. Two of these will be purchasable with BP (probably the pistols lol) btw. as you can tell it´s by AllTheNewsIsGoodNews and PlayerIGN
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