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  1. U guys smoked some crack during developement? I mean, you can´t really go wrong with adding a ton of SRs caus they´re fun as hell but holy shit! I dropped whinery with my squad and we found about 6 m24s and 4 kar98s. In every shack there was an m24, I think in total we easily found 15 SRs or more so the whole thing kinda turned into a meme after the first half of the match. No complaint tho, it does fit your mentality to give every map it´s own unique loot table and it´s cool to play, I just found it funny The spawn rate of the high powered scopes is very nice too. You really need them to compete on this map so that is definitely a big plus
  2. It´s good that it´s got insane recoil because the dps is brutal but I gotta admit the difference between no attachments and decked out is huge. Without anything it´s straight up unusable even at 5m but once you´ve got some stuff on there it is tame like an m4
  3. make sure nobody is up the hill north of you or in the forest of shelter, then go for the buggy. I´d stop the car in front of the house next to my marked tower and then sit and wait in the tower itself. The road I chose should be fairly safe because it´s kinda open and safe from the common hotspots in your red circle where the fighting most probably took place (the rest is mostly open field so it´s unlikely that I´d meet someone there)
  4. 1. the pros stay alive 2. sure, you might encounter a cheater 3. but: not everyone that knows where you are is a cheater. Very often it is quite obvious which spots are good and therefor most likely already taken or your enemies keep an eye on how many players are alive and try to match everyone to a spot. Also you have to keep in mind that many people don´t instantly shoot you when they see you because they need to cross a field/ wait for someone to die/ wouldn´t be able to secrure the kill etc. For example they might see you run up a hill but they decide not to shoot but push you later. To enjoy the satisfying gunplay and the game itself or to improve, probably you´ll improve enough to beat the top 10 pros once in a while but winning is not everything (cheesy overused phrase ik but it´s true). In a match with 100 players it´s pretty normal that you rarely win.
  5. Yesss, would be cool for mastering all the jumps without hurry
  6. A nerf was the point of this idea because otherwise it would have no drawbacks as a normal world spawn in comparison to the m4. The other option is like op suggested to leave it in the crate and apply a buff
  7. looks like a small 2x scope and with a 1.5x magnification but I they can just make it be 2x ingame for simplicity. Edit:
  8. you really start noticing how underwelming it is when you play overpower warmode against lvl3 gear guys with mks and Grozas while you´re stuck with a slightly better m4 Hell yeah I would be down for an A1 variant as normal spawn. Atm the A3 is too good for normal loot but underpowered for a crate and a fixed sight would balance it out quite well
  9. sure many shots take a lot of skill but the specific tactic I mentioned in my previous post is very easy for being that strong. I don´t complain about anyone that lands a well cooked nade in my room, then he obviously deserved it.
  10. r u sure that´s not because of the "movement interpolation which could cause other players' movement to be visibly delayed" thing they fixed a few months ago? And before that I only had the incidents where a shot won´t register but there still was a blood spatter
  11. How does ping affect how much you have to lead? If you hit the player model on your screen, it´s a hit. btw. didn´t you and your negativity already quit pubg?
  12. I just answered to won slow trucks post who said that you should simply stay out of nade range, get the context Also it requires 0 skill, you have to try it and you´ll see what I mean. Hit someone once and it´s basically a safe kill, I´m not even exaggerating
  13. and how do you want to do that? You can´t always choose your fights, especially not the close range ones. Nades are insanly powerful and you can throw them very far. Mainly on Sanhok, just tag someone 100m away run a bit towards him while he heals and throw a nade behind his tree -> free kill. People think they have enough time to heal because they are very far away but in fact you can easily reach them with a grenade
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