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  1. I think the current system is generous enough. If you are downed and shot you should die. Houses can be annoying but as interrogate said. use the 2v1 advantage.
  2. I'd like something like this as well. For now you have to use the ghetto rangefinder. Every square on your map is 100m^2 while zoomed in still trying to get a good feel for ranges in game.
  3. Yeah mines can be a lot of fun! Getting early to those last buildings inside the circle... yummy
  4. Sorry for asking basic questions here, haven't been able to play yet. But where can I find info on the current guns in game? As for new weapons. One thing that I always liked more about Arma than H1z1 is that there are more guns and that you have to make decisions about what gun to use depending on what kind of ammo and attachments you find, so more guns more fun!
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