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  1. I've been asking people questions related to this in the steam forums the common feature causing these melted down buildings are that the game is installed into same HDD as the OS. While SSDs are definatly more rare to have this issue, it could be that yours is relatively old model and doesn't have the speeds to sustain OS and game thus causing the issue for you too. Someone suggested defragging your drive and I'd suggest that to you too since you said that you didn't have the trouble before and now you do. Another thing to try is deleting your ini files and see if that helps. While it may be a long shot, friend of mine was unable to play and sometimes even launch the game until he deleted the ini files folder.
  2. Still happening after last patch, that is all. Figured might as well put that info out there.
  3. Some update once again. Reshade is installed with following: Adaptive sharpen Clarify HDR Levels Rain freezing happends in every match when closing inventory. I don't unfortenatly have patience to test out further whatever it's caused By one of the four or simply my pc+game+reshade as rain matches are quite rare (especially when you want to test this thing!). From what I can tell however, the likely candidate might be levels. I've fellow streamer friend who uses clarify and sharpen and can confirm that he's not having rain freezing. It's not much information, but then again it isn't exacly game breaking bug either that would effect gameplay nor give advantage to anyone from what I can tell. o7
  4. Update once again: It appears this problem only exist when reshade is installed. I did have everything in reshade installed but only the two listed. So when re-installing I'll stick to only those two and see if the problem happends again.
  5. i7 3770k Overclocked at 4,2 GHz GTX 1070 16gb ram at 1600mhz Installed on SSD I'll try futher testing today with reshade on and off.
  6. Tms

    Weapon problems only

    I cant find the edit button so: UPDATE This happend once again and I was able to observe some info: It appears the pump action shotgun gets bugged and attached to the hand visually to other players. During spectating my friend holstered his weapons but the gun was still in his hand, all the other animations played normally.
  7. So today I ran into this bizzare bug where rain quite litterly froze in the mid air when picking up items. Few minutes after playing around I narrowed it down to my inventory which caused the rain to freeze. Observe: https://clips.twitch.tv/BombasticAwkwardVulturePRChase Rain would freeze only at close proximity of me, however some of it would continue to fall. It should be noted I do use reshade with following two features: "Adaptive sharpen" and "Clarity". Reshade could be cause of the problem. This however is first time happening to me.
  8. Tms

    Weapon problems only

    While playing the game with some friends, I noticed something weird about one of their guns. Somehow his Shotgun hard merged with his scar. Whenever he fired his scar, he would do pumping action to reload as if he was firing shotgun. That being said the player with scar+shotgun merge was playing normally and was only bugging out visually for the other players. Here's clip of the said event: https://clips.twitch.tv/DepressedBeautifulMangetoutKreygasm
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