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  1. Spen

    Package loss hick ups

    I have no latency issues. Pubg 10 - 20 ms ping.
  2. I think you have to get out of the vehicle inside the red zone. Just stopping also didn't count for me. It also only works a single time per red zone.
  3. You do get that in the future there will be much more maps. It will not always be just Erangle, Miramar and Vikendi if they would remove Sanhok. Therefore the problem is coming sooner or later. We have now the possibility to discuss what solution they should implement.
  4. Spen

    2x2 Map Idea

    Do you mean me personally? What makes you attack me personally? I have no problem with Miramar. I just see its unpopularity in the EU region. If you can't join a single Miramar game then the map could also just be removed. Same effect. My suggestion with seasonal map selection actually suggest a change that would bring more games to Miramar if it is in the seasonal selection.
  5. Spen

    Package loss hick ups

    I wasn't in this forum for some time and didn't have much time to play PUBG. Now with the new map release I finally have some time to play but in every game I have this huge problem with package loss. It is not permanent, more like it has hick ups every x min. This seems to be a new issue since dsync feels fixed. I expected it to be at the top of the bug reports but no. Am I the only one experiencing this? Is this a EU specific issue? I checked my internet connection and measured my package loss to the Google DNS server ( constantly while playing PUBG and experiencing these issues but didn't get any package loss for the Google DNS server. So it must be a PUBG issue unrelated to my internet connection. The package loss comes with extrem rubber banding and "network lag detected" overlays. I have a good internet connection with stable 400 Mbit/s in Germany.
  6. Spen

    2x2 Map Idea

    While that would be awesome I did meant something different. I decided to write a feature request of what I meant here:
  7. The PUBG seasons are a lasting concept that probably is there to stay. I wish that PUBG would make the map selection seasonal. What I mean by that is that for every PUBG season there is only a limited number of maps selectable (for example 3). In every PUBG season you will only be able to select a certain set of maps. For example: Season 2: Erangle, Sanhok and Vikendi Season 3: Miramar, Vikendi, and a new map (lets call it Felura) Season 4: Erangle, Miramar, Felura Season 5: Sanhok, Vikendi, and another new map (lets call it Namiru) As you can see this could be perfectly integrated with releasing new maps. This would reduce the number of maps and therefore regulate the player distribution for every season without permanently removing a map (for example Miramar). Every season maps that where not playable in the last season will feel somewhat fresh and exciting.
  8. Spen

    2x2 Map Idea

    What do you think about making maps seasonal? Every season there is a set of 3 maps.
  9. Ignoring that the buggy mission is totally stupid (I used about 3 games on Erangle to only drive around and only got about 23km... what a waste of time). What concerns me is that everyone has the same missions. I always thought that missions where somewhat randomized (to a fair extend). But then I did the heal / boost item mission and was shocked that every single game half of the server landed in Mylta independent of the flight path. I found the same with the players stupidly driving around in buggies. I admit that having the same missions creates a interesting and refreshing dynamic on the maps (for some games) since everyone competes in these missions. I still wish everyone would get slightly different missions (for example everyone has to do the healing in different locations).
  10. Not to be a downer but most likely this is just due to Bluehole simply using assets from the store... they where mostly lazy in the past, why should that have changed?
  11. Spen

    2x2 Map Idea

    Or just reduce the number of maps, aka. starting with the removal of Miramar
  12. Spen

    RIP Miramar

    I tried to join Miramar for a mission but couldn't. Since the last patch I got not once dropped into Miramar and I'm most of the time using Quick Join. I tried directly joining Miramar without any luck (the UI told me that only 9 other players where queuing for Miramar). Btw. EU region. BUT: I actually wouldn't mind them to remove Miramar from the game. Sooner or later they will have to replace maps anyway (or only make a set of maps available for one season). The problem is that with more maps the player base gets split and match making takes longer. They will have to reduce the number of parallel available maps anyway, why not start with the most disliked map.
  13. Playing PUBG in FPP is way way more intense. If you are used to TPP the change has a huge learning / familiarization curve. Since I didn't like TPP from the start and was sooo happy when FPP was released I forced all my friends to play FPP with me. Some were really against it and said they just like it in TPP more. After they played many games in FPP they never changed back to TPP and all agree that TPP is trash (hiding behind objects while seeing everything behind it). The intense feeling of FPP where you don't know what is going on behind something is part of the experience for me.
  14. Lets see how that changes the dsync issue. WackyJacky claims it is a real improvement.
  15. ---- ignore me --- miss read your issue.