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  1. No problem. I did want to add, as a final note, that it is unusual when it checks it via port 443. If the end user has a network configuration that filters traffic through multiple gateways based on traffic type (say VPN tunnel and ISP tunnel. VPN only routes port 80 and 443. ISP gets everything else) you can see there is an issue with that. Most other steam games use either the game port or something similar to steamworks region detection which essentially asks steam where the users profile is located.
  2. Just checked and yeah only inbound rules. It seems when the game asked for the rule to be created it specified the wrong parameters and requested inbound rules be made. This is a security issue as no application should be specifying inbound rules unless it is a server (and even then it should be done with the admins permissions. This normally means the admin has to create them manually). Applications auto creating such rules when we have no idea what ports they are using is asking for everybody to get hacked. I advise you delete the inbound rules immediately. Combine this with my pre-existing concerns about the call back the game makes every time the main menu loads (which does Geo location based on your IP along with some other things I can't determine) I think it might be time for Bluehole to come clean about what information they are farming off our machines and definitely do a security pass with the utmost urgency.
  3. Oh and using UPnP is really bad idea as it is a known compromised protocol and can lead to network intrusions. It is always better to use application based or port specific rules. https://security.stackexchange.com/questions/118918/is-upnp-still-insecure
  4. I just experienced this bug along with both of my team mates. One of them is still running the anniversary update. I asked him to check his firewall rules and it appears that the default rule created when you first run the game is missing. I checked my config and the rule is also missing so I'm going to suggest that the rule has been deleted for some reason. Possibly as part of the April security update for Windows 10 or an error caused by the game trying to recreate it. To be sure i would need to dig further but I really cba.