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  1. 3/10 troll attempt, only because you got a mod response. Otherwise 1/10
  2. I think that the Redzone doesn't add much in the way of meaningful gameplay, because although you can use the sound to cover your footsteps sometimes, it's not really a significant enough threat to actually change the way you play. The fact that most people only like it because they can use it to cover the sound of them pushing on someone tells you everything you need to know--it's a distraction, not a threat. Yes, we all die to it sometimes, but it's generally quite rare. Normally you are perfectly safe to run outside and push a building or drive through it or whatever you need to do, which seems silly.
  3. @Rev0verDrive You're doing the Lord's dev's work here educating the masses. I don't know how you don't smash your keyboard after people argue with you repeatedly when they clearly don't understand what they are talking about. (or maybe you have a big stash of backup keyboards)
  4. Your own diagram shows that for people landing nearby each other, the difference would only be a few seconds. I stand by my statements. This would be a waste of time for the devs.
  5. You didn't describe a meaningful change to the gameplay. You're talking a difference of a handful of seconds in getting to the ground, which is going to make a negligible effect on the overall game. Sure, it might slightly change your parachuting strategy, but making minor changes to the first 45 seconds of my 30 minute game isn't worth it. I'd rather they put the money into higher tickrate servers.
  6. Not only is this too complex, it won't make particularly meaningful difference to the gameplay, which centers around fighting other people to the death. If I wanted a skydiving simulator, I would play something else. I'd rather they spent their effort on new maps, new guns etc.
  7. Yeah you are at a disadvantage if you don't have as good of a gun as your opponent....That doesn't mean there's a problem with the game. Not every single fight has to be "fair". Learn to watch your angles, keep moving, and push close to eliminate the advantage of the sniper. I've killed countless people who had snipers when I only had an m16 or and m4, sometimes even an UMP. All you have to do is outplay 1 person with a sniper and VOILA, now you have a sniper too and can stop crying on the forums.
  8. Every evening that i play, i report a few players...and nearly all of them get permabanned. The cheaters really are that prevalent. i probably report a cheater and get them banned in 20% of the games that I play. That's an insanely high number!
  9. right, the camera perspective feels like it's too low. You will have your whole head visible over something and won't be able to see over it etc
  10. Yep 100% agree with you on the region lock. FPP gameplay is not great, and is made worse by the lag issues. I play and enjoy FPP in tons of other games, but can't get into it with PUBG
  11. I play NA TPP and get a couple of ban notifications every time I log in. There's a ton of cheaters still, but they are almost all Chinese. Honestly the biggest thing they could do to fix both cheating AND lag at the same time is to stop backfilling NA servers with Chinese players who always have high ping (cuz they are on the other side of the world) and also happen to be the majority of the cheaters that we come across. Seriously, if someone from Bluehole reads this...gamers are used to having to wait a little bit for matchmaking. We would ALL be happier waiting a couple minutes for a match without teleporting Chinese or hackers rather than getting instaqueued into games full of those problems.
  12. Yeah I had gotten to the point of almost never reporting someone, and then since last patch I have reported probably a dozen people, and have had 8 or 10 permaban notifications already. I don't know what changed, but it seems like the hackers really have made a huge resurgence. At least they are better about banning people (doesn't take 6 weeks anymore), but it's back to the good [bad] old days.
  13. Nah hacking is noticeably reduced. I have reported probably 5 or 6 people in the last 2 weeks, and all but 1 of them was banned within 24-48 hours. One was banned in under 30 minutes. Their anti-cheat is a lot better, but they are also doing a lot better job of banning cheaters more quickly.
  14. Here's the link. You can't see me open my inventory since it's from replay, but you can see that i pick up a gun and ammo, and it finally appears in my hands 5-10 seconds after picking it up while i am on the stairs. It probably happened to me several other times today, including late-game scenarios. Sometimes it happens when picking up guns from the ground, and at other times when looting them off of dead bodies. It appears to be totally random. edit: to be clear, it's not from scenarios where i forget to select the weapon. I have tried switching weapons/spamming the key for the weapon (in the case of my pistol here, i was hitting "3" and nothing was happening). https://streamable.com/vo68a
  15. Yeah I'll upload a clip and link it here shortly
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