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  1. Hi i'm From algeria and we have Problem with your voice chat when i use Vpn it works very fine i 've report that 1 year ago and still didn't Fix that Yet is it because i'm arabic ??? i don't understand My pc work all good in all games with voice chat Why Vivox using that Ports : 443 80 for voice chat , can devs contact them to change thiere Port
  2. tgrexe

    Help Us Rename Abandoned Resort!

    Best name is Fix Dysnc Resort
  3. Hi i have report this bug 7 months ago and still didn't fix yet Port 443 for Voice Chat not Working on our Country ; when i use vpn it's working i don't understand why arma 3 Cs:go and Battlefield and other games work fine but ur game no why u don't use same port as they do !!! make it Global . there is over 200.000 players Has this Problem Not just our country but most arab countries
  4. tgrexe

    3rd p Shoot Bug

    i just saw i video and i test it and it's true can u plz Fix that
  5. tgrexe

    voice chat Port

    Hi guys i found Voice chat why not working for me it because port 81.80 . 443 is close can i suggest dev to change this ports ? plz cuz in other games voice chat work fine and when i use vpn it work on pubg i'm from algeria
  6. tgrexe

    Voice chat not working properly

    how i do that @Aldawgs ??
  7. tgrexe

    Voice chat not working properly

    @Caesar of Roma i have Problem with Voice chat too when i Use Vpn it's Work for me That's mean My Country Restrectid from Pubg Voice Chat whyy in other games i can use voice chat i have no problem with it Except with Pubg i'm From Algeria i hope u report that to dev plz
  8. if you use VPN it 'll work for you but you 'll get high ping worked with me i think my country restricted From Talking on this game and this is racist thing
  9. hey My Game Crush Everytime i be on top 10 happend with me twice yesterday and pissed Med Can you Fix that !!
  10. tgrexe

    The southern map moved 200-300 meters to the south.

    hahahahah WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Sometimes When i press TAB To Show My invertory My Fraps Drop Crazy From 80 to 10 so i can't Loot Fast
  12. tgrexe

    Fps drop after update 27.04.2017

    Hey admins i have Problem with FPS when i show My invertory my Fps drops Crazy from 80 to 10 in 2sec and back normal And Sometimes MY Screen completly Freez when i play without any Error My pc : cpu : i5 4690K Overcklocked 4Ghz GPU : GTX 960 100me 2gb Ram : 12 Gb Stockage : 245Gb Samsung SSD + HDD 720 Gb PSU : 530 W Thermaletake Pro Windows 10 professional 64 bit
  13. tgrexe

    admin Help voice Chat !!

    When i Use VPN it's Work Normal But with My Real ip Not Working So No Need To Edit my config !
  14. tgrexe

    admin Help voice Chat !!

    Hey Admins i hope You Take this serious i'm From Algeria our country is restricted from talking in voice Chat !!! Whyy it's The Same With H1z1 but in Other games it's Normal Can you Plz authorize To Talke in Voice chat there is too many Friends They can't talk in MixGroup " Random Match " so There is no how to give info i hope you Fix That Soon Cheers : TGR.eXe