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  1. Karnagewithak

    Leveling up (Vikendi Pass)

    You have to go into your missions and claim the xp. It doesn't do it automatically
  2. Karnagewithak

    Dance emotes

    I imagine we will at some point. I'm not sure why can't release all the new things at the same time
  3. Karnagewithak

    New Emotes

    Not yet. Not looking the same as pc just yet
  4. Karnagewithak

    New Emotes

    Obviously some kinks to iron out (as usual) first but anyone know when xbox gets the new emotes. They look funny.
  5. Karnagewithak

    Is it just me? One X textures.

    This map is taking longer to render in buildings. That's with and X and an ssd
  6. Karnagewithak

    New parachute

    LS @alibx11 dont know why they're calling it L3 on the Xbox section
  7. Karnagewithak

    Can't ready up in the next match or leave the team

    Yeah having the same issue. Used to happen. Is and again but it's literally after every game. Shouldn't have to re-form the squad 6 times before you can start matchmaking
  8. Karnagewithak

    Unable to see alot of people parachuting

    This still happens nearly a year later. GG Bluehole
  9. Karnagewithak

    Vikendi Under Map

    People seem to be able to get into the map on at least 2 places on Vikendi on PTS. One of which being the castle. Can I report people for abusing this or not seeing as its PTS?
  10. Karnagewithak

    Xbox One Rendering

    I know this has been an issue for a while as I had it on the pc too (upgrading my RAM fixed this) and the game plays as well as can be expected on the XB1X but this game is really not made for anything below the xb1x specs. Example: I land on the roof of hospital or school, start shooting and panning someone on a lesser console, only for them to SINK through the roof and into the building, only for them to squire all the looty goodness and erase me. Thanks. Ps love the game. Over 900 hours across all platforms
  11. Karnagewithak

    Killed by a grenade ten feet away

    I'm assuming you play this rather than Fortnite because it's more realistic? IRL a frag would kill anyone in that room.
  12. To start with I thought it may be down to my eye sight going downhill but it keeps happening that no matter how much i look around for others, they're nowhere to be seen until they land