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  1. I love playing Bush Wookie with a sniper/dmr. Must make people so angry though
  2. They should be fixing things like the laggy UI menus before adding more tacky skins and slightly amusing dances to the emote wheel
  3. I like the dancing emotes for troll reasons. I do think we need more skins for weapons. Maybe some that don't look like a clowns wang haha
  4. I came to the forum to moan about the same thing. Glad i'm not the only one this irritates.
  5. Is this going to be fixed where people with an old and/or no SSD can access the cave without destroying the rocks? If not, surely it should just be inaccessable again. Seem like things get added but not much is being addressed.
  6. This still happens nearly a year later. GG Bluehole
  7. I know this has been an issue for a while as I had it on the pc too (upgrading my RAM fixed this) and the game plays as well as can be expected on the XB1X but this game is really not made for anything below the xb1x specs. Example: I land on the roof of hospital or school, start shooting and panning someone on a lesser console, only for them to SINK through the roof and into the building, only for them to squire all the looty goodness and erase me. Thanks. Ps love the game. Over 900 hours across all platforms
  8. I'm assuming you play this rather than Fortnite because it's more realistic? IRL a frag would kill anyone in that room.
  9. To start with I thought it may be down to my eye sight going downhill but it keeps happening that no matter how much i look around for others, they're nowhere to be seen until they land
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