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  1. You can also open the playerlist by pressing tab and right click the players name to show a report button next to the name
  2. Hello and welcome to the PC/XBOX/PS4 PUBG Forums. Here's a link on how to contact Tencent on matters related to PUBG Mobile: https://support.pubg.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002193033-PUBG-Mobile-questions-notices-and-more
  3. Sounds like you're raising the camera yourself by pressing forward perhaps? Might want to check your controller/keyboard bindings and reset them back to default.
  4. Hi @bastanu28@gmail.. You can use the report through the replay feature if this happens.
  5. Good. Have fun and get some chicken dinners
  6. @Briax To be sure, remove the ini files and let the game re-download them after removing the read only.
  7. Also by following some fps guides which advice ini editing could possibly mess up the ini files in a way that the game won't hold settings (marking files read only) or changing a setting to a higher quality will result the same quality as the lowest one (editing the ini).
  8. Are some of your ini files marked as read only?
  9. Oh.. Do you mean textures being blurry? Maybe I'm missing something, but that's the only blurry thing that I could pick up from the screenshots. That should improve if you set textures to higher quality. Try Medium for example. ps. Didn't notice this. Sorry. Raising texture quality should fix them
  10. Have you guys tried the game without Reshade and see if that has anything to do with the blurriness?
  11. @Kraniik Only Desperado crates require a key to open
  12. I'd suggest you install the test client and play on it now that it's open. It usually performs better because of less players and less uptime. And you get to contribute to the bug finding and stuff that helps the devs improve/fix the issues which is also a good motivation.
  13. Could also be the meltdown/spectre patches that have a big impact on cloud server environments like AWS. Who knows. He could've started shooting you the moment you appeared from around the corner and he killed you on his client before you got the shot off. That usually ends up nullifying any shots the dead player makes after he's been reported killed by the opponents client.
  14. https://pubgserverping.com/ Run that for a while and check the pings you're getting. Also keep in mind that replays are not an exact representation of what really went down. What the guy that killed you saw on his/her screen or when and where he/she shot. If you watch your view point it will most likely be different what you saw during the real game.
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