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  1. I have no idea how did this happen. Had to restrart game. 1/4 screen is in main menu / lobby what you want to call it and rest of the screen is in "waiting for response" screen.
  2. I don't get what would be the problem to select 2/3 maps you want? You have 3 queues. Erangel Miramar Sanhok. Choose 2 maps you wish to play and the client randomizes what maps queue you will enter.
  3. This!! I was waiting for the option to select MAPS not 1 map. This is completely useless.. now you have to click for the map after every freaking round...
  4. So. There's a glitch. If you swim to the boats front end, you can see trough it. Tested this now several times and it works every time. You are 100% in safety but can see everywhere.
  5. Kajautus

    BP numbers in lobby

    Screen Resolution: 1440p System Specifications: (You must supply all of this information) Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: ASUS NVIDIA GTX 1080 CPU: I7-4790 RAM:32GB DDR3 Reproduction Steps / Detailed Information on how this occurred : clicking settings button and returning from it fixed the problem. It occurs randomly coming out from game back to lobby.
  6. Kajautus

    Shooting range is popular!

    I actually took time how long one dude keeps shootin me point blank when I just stay proned and do nothing. 5min 47s. Over freaking 5min the dude stood in front of me and firing full auto. Only time he stopped for few seconds was when he needed more ammo. I can't understand why the fck ppl does that.
  7. Kajautus

    The new training mode

    It's on the test server. Yet to be released in live servers.
  8. Kajautus

    The new training mode

    Ok, training mode is very good for practising shooting etc. The problem is that 95% of players are just trolling. Quite annoying to try to actually get some training done when there is every time some a-hole shooting you full auto all the time and flash banging you.
  9. Kajautus

    Damage when car is stoped

    The car was sliding sideways when you jumped out.
  10. Sometimes when I aim through the 4x scope it get super blurry? Impossible to snipe with it. First I thought it was because of reshade, but it doesn't affect it at all.
  11. Kajautus

    Green Lines On Screen

    creators update 1709? Latest drivers? I've heard these don't mix well..
  12. Kajautus

    Stats are wrong.

    Ok this is a bit odd issue. I played 1 round on AS server just to test my new GPU settings. I accidentally won that round. BUT what's going on with the stats? They suddenly changed. Now stats say that I have 0 wins on that server and only 4 kills? I took a screen snipping from my stats earlier to ask how the kill streak stat works, and there's that 9 kill on "most kills". How did the stats get mixed up? And to say, I don't care about my AS server stats, because I play in EU servers. But this stats weirdiness I think is worth mentioning here.