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  1. It appears with the new update that blue hole broke the in game chat.
  2. Just got killed by hackers, again this makes 3 times today! I will avoid any future games by blue hole like the plague.
  3. Well hopefully as it plays out the hacking will subside somewhat but I have encountered a handful that I can say for a fact were hacking. Encountering hackers seems to be more prevalent in 3rd person from my experience.
  4. Hacking is alive and well on PUBG so far no noticeable change in the number of hackers encountered.
  5. The boundary zone in this game "IS BROKEN" they have had adequate opportunity to fix one of the largest issues 2nd to lag and I am now actively encouraging the review bombing of this game till playerunknown fixes it as it is the only way apparently to get these problem addressed. The simple solution is make the boundary move slower so that it can be out run, that's it that is all that has to be done. I really don't understand why this is so freaking hard for them to get right. Developers seem to have some type of aversion to actually fixing the real problems and are like, "but we add new weapons and this pretty sunset."
  6. As of this post the boundary zone is still closing in way too damn fast for the game play. Nothing like getting into an awesome firefight only to have both mine and the enemy team die to the boundary. I am willing to bet at least 25% of the kills after the 2nd zone reduction are due to the boundary and the fact that it hasn't been addressed yet is disappointing to say the least.
  7. It seems to be with regular occurrence that players drop at my location without ever being visible while in free fall or while parachuting.
  8. Circle speed is still way to fast I thought they fixed this in the patch must have reduced it from 60 to 55kph.
  9. I seem to be having a lot of problems with hits registering with all optics and iron sights and weapons, granted I know I'm not hitting everyone with every shot but there is definitely an issue with the game. Earlier I dumped an entire 30 round mag on a guy using open sights at a distance of approx. 25 yds and not one single hit marker. When using magnified optics particularly the 4x it seems a lot of shots do not register. I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed this even though it was supposedly fixed.
  10. Just played a game where I died to the circle and finished 12th it is still WAY TOO DAMN FAST! The funny thing is I was camping the boundary with my team mate in duos we were fighting a team trying to advance into the safe zone downed one of them then ran. The zone passed and killed both of us and the team we were fighting. So, just within the top 20, "3" players were killed by the zone that I am aware of technically 4 if you count the guy who was downed. I'm not sure why it is taking so long to address this I would really love to see the statistics of the average amount of players killed by the boundary after the first zone shift. The
  11. Just check and my windowsnoeditor file folder is named paks? Should it be renamed and if so to what?
  12. Alright played a game and was in the lobby for my second game today and it crashed.So I guess I will try the tip you posted earlier.
  13. No, however I'm happy to report that it hasn't occurred since I made this post it could have just been a particular server or something but its running fine now.
  14. The game has started randomly crashing today since the patch install, it is very sudden one second I'm playing or in the lobby the next I'm looking at my desktop. Windows 10 Rx480 AMD fx-8320
  15. I think the circle should be slower this isn't h1z1 where you drive around in cars the whole game hopping out at full speed. This being a more tactical game a slower moving circle would make the game play better. After the first circle I think all further zone reductions should happen at running speed. I believe this would provide a proper balance without rewarding playing the edge vs someone who plays the center.
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