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  1. L33R0Y

    My Quest to play MIRAMAR....

    Why wait several minutes? Even month ago there was a queue bug already without any map selection, where the timer just keeps ticking. I just cancel and restart queue every 20 seconds, so I usually get in immediatly on the 3rd attempt.
  2. L33R0Y

    Cheating Discussion

    You are making things up or don't know it better. Nothing has changed at all, only the fact that you came across less cheaters for some time. The only change in the last weeks/month was the new notification feature. Everything else regarding anti-cheat is still in progress and is scheduled for end of october. https://fix.pubg.com/
  3. L33R0Y

    Event Mode: Public Beta - Flare Gun

    The trailer is a straight up lie. The droprate is as common as in the last event. I found 3 guns in 4 matches. This is what you intend for the regular game? Every minute somebody is shooting one, most people wasting it before the airdrops are available. Basically 1:1 the same flare gun event from last time, only changed 8 to 4 man squad... The next big point: We have to wait until the 2nd savezone appears and even then we have to be the lucky one who is inside it and fires it first. Limit the guns, not the airdrops?! Even normal airdrops seem increased. At least I am constantly finding plenty of them right next to special drops. What's the point having everyone in full T3? There should be 1-2 flareguns fired every match for airdrops. Also I don't know why anyone would waste the flaregun for a slightly better vehicle. The coming up alternative gives at least some hope. The way I would like it for normal game: Reduce the spawn rate drastically. Remove the timer/ limitation for airdrops. Should be immediatly available in any savezone. Seperate the ammunition. Red flares for drops and more common blue flares for vehicles. Change regular airdrop behaviour, so it can't drop right next to a special one. It would feel more rewarding if they would be much harder to find, now everyone is shooting them like it is new years eve Also it would be awesome if we find another loot pool / weapon and armor skins in special airdrops to further distinguish them from regular drops.
  4. L33R0Y

    Event Mode: Public Beta - Flare Gun

    Will crates still be limited with every new circle? Will they still work if 2 are shot simultaniously? Will the rate of normal airdrops change?
  5. Tried to repair PUBG files, not working. Uninstalled + reinstalled, still not working. Deleted config folder, still not working.
  6. Your client version is 4.7.8. Please exit the game and update to 4.6.17 to join game. No training map icon. Instead of new reward system it shows an empty and broken Sanhok Season pass. Many item icons missing, new t1 helmet skin shows an empty frame.
  7. L33R0Y

    Pubg Training Mode Flashbangs

    They could leave the arms blocking the face animation, but remove the visuals+sounds. This way you know you hit them, but the others are no longer impaired / annoyed by it. But for now I keep spamming them at people at the gun range to keep them stunned for over a minute :'D
  8. L33R0Y

    Meet Your PGI 2018 FPP Tournament Winners

    China numba won! Glad they won after everyone said asians suck at 1PP and can only play 3PP :'D
  9. L33R0Y

    Cheating Discussion

    Shroud never played for leaderboard and rank, he plays for entertainment and kills. Quite boring sitting in a bathroom for 10 minutes and camping, no more views&donations, get it? So before you show Waduheks stats next, get some empirical facts straight before comparing 2 different things. Here, be my guest and check my best stats before you go on with your conspiracy theories. Hope that it will help you https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/profile/28308-l33r0y/ I am out, have a nice season y'all! ❤️
  10. L33R0Y

    Cheating Discussion

    You said they are full of them, be more specific. I looked through 40 players and haven't found one. So you have 3 out of 10 with crazy high stats on NA 3PP Solo. And that guy is playing since season 1 because he only played squad matches in season 1 and then started playing solo with season 7 again. He will be gone soon. Also NA suffers the most through asian players, especially during the broken matchmaking right now. However, the situation is 100 times better than with the QUN invasion at the end of last year. Stats with 80% top 10 rate and 30% win rates 6 K/D etc. can be 100% legit, there are enough streamers out there that proof it. And they don't look every 5 sec at another screen during fights at their ESP radar and preaim guys they impossible could know about while infight, like way too many youtuber/streamers that do it solely for money. And the higher your win rate, the higher your K/D rate will be. If other players reach those stats by themself or with the help of a radar is out of discussion, as it is impossible to proof. The stats themself are still legit.
  11. L33R0Y

    Cheating Discussion

    Top10 stats look all legit for EU/NA. Nothing too crazy. Maybe some guys got them with ESP, but still legit stats.
  12. L33R0Y

    PUBG Community Feedback Program

    I was looking forward to the progression / level system and expected a lot, but was extremly disappointed to find out that the steam achievements and even more the good old boring event pass system are very shallow and no fun at all. There is no challenge behind it. Instead you are forced to do things you don't like to do. For example the tasks: As a solo player I am forced to play with randoms from other regions, after I tried to get a full team 5 rounds after I tried to get on Erangel another 3 rounds, only to find out no one speaks english, 1 jumps somewhere else and ... [insert random insanity]. As this wouldn't be fun enough I have to do it another 2 times this day for whatever reason. The biggest problem I have is that despite of 100+ chicken dinners and 1000+ hours, I feel like everyone else who just bought the game. Here is how IMHO a proper progression/prestige/reward system should look like, that benefits both players (casuals + veterans) and developers: 1. Re-arrange the distribution of skins! Buy skins for BP (veterans) Buy BP for money (casuals) Also every chicken dinner should reward a token, which you need in addition to unlock better skins. Elite skins should be a higher tier from the visual aesthetics and have either another colour or superior look for the extra prestige. For example: Battered Military Jacket (patchwork jacket, ragged, worn out) = 10k BP Standard Military Jacket (1 star shoulder patches, normal condition) = 50k BP + 1 token Elite Military Jacket (3 star shoulder patches, medals) = 100k BP + 10 tokens This way, no matter how much time or money your budget allows, you have a specific goal to unlock an item set and you are actually motivated to go for the chicken dinner instead of the quick action. I am sick of looking at 80 dudes with the same casual clothings at the start of every round, just because they are clever enough not to gamble on a 0,014% rare skin. You even could continue to use and sell longer season passes to unlock additional time-limited skins. Also I'd like to see more customisation/tattoos/haircuts. And please give us more serious skins. Why no vietnam war skins instead of some hawaii shirts and bath suits? Your USP next the bullet ballistic system/gunplay is the realistic look based of the arma mod. All other battle royal games are either very arcade like with little to no bullet drop/recoil and/or have some childish cartoon look for the younger audience. Keep that in mind when you are creating new skins. 2. Introduce proper ranks/levels! In other titles you can unlock proper ranks and medals to display next to your name. Instead of being owned by some global elite level 100 top 10 player, in PUBG you are simply killed by [random name] (rank 1,2323%) who cares. Your rank should matter, as there is no reason to get into the leaderboard, except to advertise your twitch name. Give us some motivation to continue playing your game! And where is the e-sport competitive spirit outside the PGI? Top10/100/1000 rankings should reward a displayable gold/silver/bronze medal with a different colour for each season. Some medals for special ocation, e.g. 2 year anniversary. Display a proper list with player names / ranks / stats during the match. I'd like to see at the end of the round who just killed me, was it just a lucky shot or had he already killed 10 players, what is his rank etc. Instead of looking at a boring "5 players left" count, we could see the top 100 for this match. Imagine checking the stats in the final 2 and find out your up against some veteran who got 15 kills already. I bet this would give many of us some adrenaline kick/ heavy heart pumping again 3. Offer some real challenges/tasks/achievements! Back in the good old days of early access, where we had to wait for new content, many people did some real challenges. Many can be seen by your faithful streamers like Fugglet. Hitman challenge: Win with no armor and only pistols. Frying pan: With with pan only. Driver challenge: Win with car only. Daryl Dixon challenge: Win with crossbow+revolver only. Pacifist challenge: Win with 0 kills. Give us some silly skins for completing them and we have many hours of "new content" without much effort. Conclusion: Instead of earning hate for skin gambling by frustrated players that don't want to open 1000 paid crates for a chance on a specific item, you could finally please almost everyone and calm the haters. At the same time you earn your revenue through a fair item shop and saisonal / time limited skins. Instead of chasing more and more players away, you could finally motivate them to continue playing your game while optimisations are on the way. Unlocking stuff is the most addictive thing for me in any videogame and gives me that sweet dopamine candy for my brain ?PUBG can already be quite addicting, why not further increase that?! Instead of being a random casual game, players would finally be ambitious to play for chicken dinners again. No more half dead servers because everyone dies the first 3 minutes in pecado/hacienda. Some real competitive challenging matches, e-sport spirit 365 days / year for everyone, not only a small selected elite of streamers and esport teams. I hope this reaches the real devoted developers. It would be sad if this game continues to stay far under it's potential, because some shareholders/managers only want maximum return via paid lootcrates / buy 5 levels for 5 bucks nonsense.
  13. L33R0Y

    Cheating Discussion

    I only play solo in the evening/night. And if a MM system has to widen up until the point that top100 people have to play against unranked ones, it can't be a called a MM system. Especially with that many active players. Kinda defeats the purpose right? Worst thing is elo hell, when you get only 5-6 rating points for a chicken dinner, instead of up to 150 while starting to rank up. At that point it isn't even worth playing outside the few prime time hours, as you can only derank. Always have to hope to get some high ranked players in your match, so you can get into top 100 or top 10. Matchmaking in CS:GO with fixed ranks works great, you always know your skill class and those of your opponents. And if you play outside of primetime, you have longer waiting times and/or get less rating points. Also leaderboard players couldn't easily get up to 40% win rates or 80% top10 rates anymore because they would face skilled opponents even at match start and streamers couldn't run and gun and easily get 20-30 kill rounds.