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  1. L33R0Y

    Urban City map Suggestion

    Volnova will already cause framedrops, that is quite a small town. Just throw a few molotovs and you can kill someones fps there with low end gpu Also people with low end gpu avoided Yasnaya and Georgopol during EA because of low framerates. Takes a ton of optimization. Also I don't see a map made like upscaled Los Leones would be fun longterm. It would need to be downscaled, you can't add tons of assets and details. A lot of empty open spaces to reduce memory+gpu load, so you'll just end up with compounds and intresting sights again, not a dense urban map. 30-40 floors, by the time you get up you have to move to another location again. And most floors and buildings would be blocked off and unable to enter. Highways + bridges + parking lots + scyscrapers + suburbans + stadium, industrial park, commerce sector. Most of those things are already put on the different maps downscaled. The general setting and feeling could be urban, but you would still end up with a normal map layout, containing lots of open space. Dense urban city will just not work for battle royal. Also those reference pics look really boring, half the map would be parking lots :'D
  2. L33R0Y

    LVL 3 worthless

    The point is not giving your opponent your helmet. Helmets and their durability are a lot more balanced regarding their tier than vests. And they need to break fast, otherwise sniper fights with t3 helmets would take the whole match until someone runs out of meds. Vests on the other side will get damaged constantly and it is annoying to always look for a new one or ending up in top 10 without it. And unless your opponent comes to you with a brand new vest, it will most likely end up being heavily damaged / destroyed. Ask anyone professional, they all will tell you that vests need more durability.
  3. L33R0Y

    LVL 3 worthless

    The game uses hitboxes, a t2 helmet covers the face just like a t3 helmet. T3 has more durability and damage reduction than T2, than t1. OP just has the subjective impression that it degrades faster, objectively seen it does not. But the general consent is that vests in general degrade too fast, helmets are balanced.
  4. *Update* There is a small grove to the northwest of Volnova. It is full of those damn artifical lights and sunrays. I had to go through it in an endgame circle while there was some light fog. As soon as I stepped in 1 foot it multiplied the fog effect and I could not see sh't anymore. Those local lights are really cancer. Would provide footage of it, but I don't want to spend an hour waiting for the weather effect.
  5. I am having a 1000nits HDR monitor and the brightness of the snow itself is okay. It is the artifical lightning and sunrays that annoy me. There is a small grove next to Volnova which is full of those sunrays. I entered it during late game circle while there was some very light fog, suddenly I could not see sh't anymore as soon as I stepped in 1 foot. Also the laser scopes need to be adjusted to not be transparent anymore on the max. setting, so they won't turn invisible when pointed at snow.
  6. I am happy for you that PUBG used your precious ideas before, but you are confusing this game with BF5. Your ideas go against the USP of PUBG and already exist as other games. Are you being cereal? BF5, Fortnite, Last Tide, Sea Of Thieves, GTA, ... You would be a fine game developer, just copy every game in existence until you have the ultimate mash where everyone has access to every feature you can think of :)
  7. Limiting it to crates further increases the RNG. Usually the highskilled players end up with full T3, further increasing their advantage and the skillcap on live servers. They're useful for countering the Kar/M24. Why would you want to peek a decent sniper without it? Gives you much more freedom and ways to play the game. I enjoy the easy kills, but for both the live server and FACE IT it would benefit the game more as a world spawn. Never was an issue in the first year, now people only cry because they get less free oneshots. Also dev's never mentioned why it was removed in the first place.
  8. You still can counter them easily with headshots + quick weapon swap for fast body tap. They quickly break and won't last long on aggresive players who continue peeking. Also they did not put in the AWM for nothing. And you are still screwed if you run out of boosters or haven't had enough time to fully heal (84/88 dmg per bullet seems fair enough?). And it is not like everyone always has one and you don't 😛 Just shoot your own. Level 3 helmets were longer a world spawn than they were exclusive airdrop loot. Bluehole literally removed them at a time where everyday a new post complained about getting oneshot with t2 helmet and not a single forum post requested them to get removed 😂
  9. L33R0Y

    1600 hours+ Feedback

    People already have 1600 hours on the new map? 🙃
  10. The new map is really awesome and some next level sh*t. The overall look and feel and the interaction with the environment itself is a 10/10. Keep that niveau and add bullet pen/destructible objects and you'll bring PUBG to the next gen It feels amazing to drive with a bike over streets / snow and frozen lakes and get a different response from the environment. The superb level design makes me wish we would get a new Erangel 2.0 ❤️ But there are some critical issues for me that stop me from fully enjoying it from the first second. Also note that I am playing on a 1000nits 4k HDR monitor, which further increases the issue and is much more stress on the eyes on a bright white snowmap compared to Erangel. The lightning and bloom settings. It looks like there are literally some spotlight objects placed on the map with visible lightrays. I always turn off any extra stuff like bloom effect, motion blur, film grain that reduces the overall visibility. If I play on competitive settings in a multiplayer, I want a clear image with no fancy stuff. I don't mind dynamic weather effects, snow fall, etc. but the extra lightning on the normal sunny match feels like there is too much light reflection. Looking in the direction of the sun with bright gloomy sky. Too bright towns with heavy shadows as contrast. I don't know how it will look with RTX, but I just want a normal SDR brightness. Also the fog in the distance feels much closer/heavier than on the other map. I get that this is supposed to be a nordic country, with a deep traversing sun and natural fog, snow reflecting the sun. But it just feels like I am playing a fancy cinematic on ultra settings. I'd wish there where more settings to tweak this, like ambient occlusion. The brightness also affects the red dot and 2x scope for some reason. I play with colourblind settings to get a dark purple scope. This now somehow works only for the holo, but not the 2x anymore? It is a laser scope, but it should have no transparency on the highest setting like the other scopes. It simply turns invisible when pointed at snow. So please either tweak the visual lightning effects or give us more options to tweak them ourself. I want to decide if I want fancy ultra graphic effects or competitive settings. The deep standing sun/ brightness could be a dynamic weather effect/feature, where the sun becomes an environmental factor making it harder to aim with scopes and spotting enemies and you should position yourself with the back to the sun. But I don't want to experience a gloomy mess during the whole match.
  11. L33R0Y

    Is a1050 to good for pubg

    1050 is the budget card, followed by 1060, 1070, 1080 and 1080ti as premium. The leap from one generation to the next isn't that extreme, so the new budget model can still perform worse than one of the older more higher tier ones. People always ask what card they should buy, but they never say which resolution and how many fps they wan't to have... Wait for the 2180ti and go for 144fps 4k HDR 😎
  12. L33R0Y

    Footsteps on snow map?

    You can already see footsteps and proning. But they are not permanent. Can be useful, but act more like an open door indicator. You know someone was there, but if you actually follow them you might just get jumped on from someone behind cover. Nice little feature, but nothing gamebreaking.
  13. L33R0Y

    GTX 1080 ti low fps

    Just download MSI Afterburner and you can display your CPU/GPU usage ingame and see where the problem is. You shouldn't go high end with only one part.
  14. L33R0Y

    My Quest to play MIRAMAR....

    Why wait several minutes? Even month ago there was a queue bug already without any map selection, where the timer just keeps ticking. I just cancel and restart queue every 20 seconds, so I usually get in immediatly on the 3rd attempt.
  15. L33R0Y

    Cheating Discussion

    You are making things up or don't know it better. Nothing has changed at all, only the fact that you came across less cheaters for some time. The only change in the last weeks/month was the new notification feature. Everything else regarding anti-cheat is still in progress and is scheduled for end of october. https://fix.pubg.com/