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  1. Same problem here. It's not a router problem. It's not a network problem. This is a large number of people experiencing the exact same problem on a consistent basis. The time between matches is obnoxious enough. Waiting 2-3 minutes just to get back in the queue is seriously frustrating.
  2. I looked 5 posts under his and still couldn't find it. You couldn't just copy paste?
  3. I agree, I've had maybe 5 dinners since getting stuck at 5850 at end of season, super frustrating. How hard can it be to just reset the danged stats?
  4. For real. Kinda sucks getting chicken dinners and watching my ranking do nothing
  5. Grats! Sanhok was my first, Miramar was last for me
  6. I've seen it it in 1 out of 3 top 10 circles in solo lately, some asshole just driving around. Total garbage, needs to be nerfed.
  7. I like the wind on Vikendi, but I like it even more when people actually queue up for it. /
  8. On Miramar, have experienced an issue where there is a stutter/pause when opening inventory or map. It's brief, but annoying and can affect gameplay
  9. They need to nerf that thing in Solos, it's ruining the top 10
  10. I really hate the new flare gun vehicle, the BDRM. I can't believe more people aren't complaining about it. At least 1 out of 3 top 10s, there's somebody just driving the vehicle around, and there's nothing you can do. One has to empty out their ammo just to do something about it. This SERIOUSLY needs to be nerfed for solos
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