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  1. Everyone, everywhere, all the time. We did get kicked from Sanhok for the first time today as well.
  2. Yeah sorry it sounded like I was blasting you and I didn’t mean to. But i agree to a change to the current system of map selection or whatever you call it right now.
  3. No just FPP. I really I’m tired of seeing constant post about “FPP ideas.” I and most others will never play FPP. I may, but very unlikely play it if the frame rate is significantly increased. And I’m tired of hearing “ well FPP is much harder than TPP,” or vice verse. Who cares which is easier or harder or “what the pros play.” It’s just a game and most people guess what, enjoy TPP more. Not ripping original post here just standing on my soap box really quick. But something most be done about map sections or rotations cause the current system just isn’t the right answer.
  4. It sucks being first to hit the ground only to get rewarded by being shot in the back by a person who botched their jump and got to pick up the M4 that magically appeared after you ran over it.
  5. Not for me either, but it would be nice if the guns loaded in prior to landing. I feel like when I get the best jump around I am not reward because I have to wait for the loot load out. The ones who have a bad jump get to see what they are landing on.
  6. Most everyone is experiencing this regardless of location of servers or maps they are playing. Been happening since last update.
  7. Another way for people to potentially cheat. Not for me. And I would never use it.
  8. I think it is because of exactly what you said. So many lost connection to hosts on those maps. The only map playable right now is Sanhok and occasionally Erangel. Could they maybe have changed the amount of times you get those maps to combat the issues for the short termuntil a solution is found?
  9. Rotation every week or mini and battle royal sounds great to me. Those of you who are complaining that Sanhok was the featured map for about 6 months and want Erangel again, wasn’t Erangel the one and only map for many many months and has obviously been out the longest? Mirimar should have its chance as the featured map even though I despise that map.
  10. I agree with that about making the random accounts to just complain and not provide any positive or constructive feedback. Those people need to go and only add stupidity to the conversations.
  11. But that is somewhat the idea of the forum right? If enough people complain about something and want change then whatever company that is will try and fix that said issue faster or set priority to it. They may not know it is an issue without the many topics or responses about it
  12. While I agree there are a lot of very negative topics and a lot of complaining I must say that about 4 to 5 items on that list have been continually happening since day one of the game, or reappear after a couple of updates. This is one of the reasons why I actually started a forum account last week. I wanted to give feedback as to when the issues happen again and what may be causing them. It is tough for people like me who really love to play this game but only get a few hours a week to play. It’s frustrating when a lot of that time is taken away due to team kills about 15 mins in a game, lost connection to host issue for a while, and getting a single map 5 times in a row. The games last about 30 mins a piece so getting team killed or lagging out just to come back in the find your self being looted does get disappointing.
  13. It is not due to people backing out of games Wanting to play their own choice map as much as you think. Most of the time when I’m choosing between quick join, standard or featured usually the estimated wait times are equal as well as my load time into the lobby. I just think after this last update all the big maps are having a hard time loading for most players and they are getting kicked prior to the plane taking off. I always had a full lobby in Sanhok and NEVER got kicked since the update but quite different for the other three.
  14. This would be great! I hate blowing up riding a three seater bike going ten miles an hour hitting a random 4 ft by 4 ft desert brick that is not visible.
  15. Yeah me and my bud lagged out the other day while driving. We were trying to come back in and continue to play, but came back in with people looting our bodies. So frustrating since this has been happening since day one, fixed for about 3 months, and now back again. Sounds like PUBG though.
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