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  1. They will not do anything against cheaters. This company has already done what I wanted, which was to sell the game. we do not care about anything they just want to make money
  2. finally a fresh news. Hopefully they will end up with all the cheating users in consoles. Enough of cronusmax, sttikerpack, venom x4 ... much cheat we want games without disadvantages all with command. thanks pubg for listening to us
  3. The best satisfaction is this. dine chicken. The best battle royale!! although the graphics look like game boy colors
  4. Sshd firecuda??
  5. ssd en ps4 pro vale la pena?
  6. It has been several days. they start thinking about cross-play. ps4 missing users to fill rooms
  7. outrageous the method of getting cosmetics through the boxes. it is always repeated
  8. Will it be possible to see him in this generation? We need more stability 60fps and crossed game. I have tried days in duos and can not find game. With cross game win users and fill rooms. If this sige asin pubg does not have much life
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