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  1. Issue was resolved in the latest patch. 26/6
  2. I have the same problem as you. Was able to go fullscreen before the latest patch by relaunching the game over and over again, but that doesn't work anymore. So not gonna bother even playing, since it really is unplayable.
  3. Did you even read my post ? The game is windowed fullscreeen INGAME aswell. The lobby patch used to be a thing months ago.
  4. Tried, does go fullscreen but its windowed still, no solution there.
  5. 1903 Build here, the latest patch broke the game for me aswell, no pubg icon, stutters, fps drops and the game wont go "true" fullscreen.
  6. Unable to get the game running in fullscreen, right now only runs fullscreen windowed. As a result I get less fps, input lag, screen flickering and some windows overlays on screen when gaming. I've tried multiple methods to fix this, others have reported the same problem. Problems started occuring during the last few small patches. Other games like CS work fine and go in "true" fullscreen. Feel free to post if you have a fix for this.
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