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  1. Or you could just be more accurate? I only use the hold breath when someone is running away and I’m taking pop shots or trying to line up a sniper headshot.
  2. Andy but surely they are looking to change this ranking system? I literally have seen NO ONE say they like this system.
  3. Exactly. Just shows how stupid this ranking system is. The guy who is #1 on Solos has 18 DAYS played lol. The season is only 3 months. That means this guy has essentially almost played 20 days of his life out of 70 days. It’s literally pathetic. And he’s rewarded for it.
  4. I’ll get the beard. But definitely not the parachute. Which is just so dumb. I guess I’ll just have to be happy with the cool white one from last season.
  5. Yeah man I’ve always excelled at shooters. I used to play the OG counter strike back in the day. I think there is a direct correlation between people that played counter strike and being really good at this game. Needless to say I get accused of cheating often 😂
  6. Thanks dude. It’s truly amazing to me that with these stats on Solos, I can’t even get close to the leaderboards.
  7. Bolt actions are a smidge overrated in my opinion unless you find an AWM. I can’t stand the M24. Best range weapon in the game is hands down the SLR or MK14. I will take either of those any day over a bolt. The shear stopping power over those guns cannot be beat.
  8. Play 10 hours a day. That’s seriously the only way. It’s ridiculous.
  9. Regardless of the game mode dude it’s just insane. I have 93 wins on Solo this season and am only at 4849. I’m going to get the new beard, but there’s no way I’m getting the parachute unless I become like Mr. No-Life’s on the leaderboard.
  10. False. I had a 15 kill sanhok win and got 10 SP. I got a 9 kill Sanhok win and got 11 points.
  11. Why are they nerfing ARs?? That’s ridiculous man. Nobody has complained about it. Baseless decision making is the best!
  12. Alright guys this is straight up ridiculous. I started solos last night at 4790. I got 4 wins in a row. I checked after the 4th win and I only had 4831!! Kills do not matter whatsoever for SP. A 15 kill win gave me 10 SP. @PUBG_Andymh5 your lack of response on this is truly shocking. How are people supposed to hit 6000 with this ranking system??
  13. This was your first time getting an Erangel win ever or just this season?
  14. Its pretty insane. I love Miramar but I will be lucky if I get it once out of 20 games in a night.
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