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  1. You are correct that there is only one NA location for PUBG but it is located in Virginia hosted by Amazon AWS. Microsoft servers host the Xbox Live core servers and the majority of games owned by Microsoft. https://gyazo.com/5ccc1042ba1d63fd7cbd063c6d6d4423
  2. For NA its Ashburn, VA, they have a location in Ireland for EU and I am not sure about the rest.
  3. Xbox PUBG also uses Amazon AWS to host their servers for the game.
  4. Because it completely changes how the game is played and ruins the balance of the game? If everyone is running around with a bunch of grenades what would be the point of shooting in a mid range fight when you can just spam some nades and wipe the squad quickly?
  5. I believe the issue has to do with Amazon AWS hosting the dedicated servers, 50ms ping to Amazon Ashburn servers, 15-20ms ping to other Ashburn, VA hosts. Something has to be wrong at the network level with Amazon, i've tested this from multiple networks in and outside of my area.
  6. I should never be able to collect that many grenades in a single match. Its like saying it would be possible to find 20 6x scopes in a match, which would be extremely rare. I honestly have a hard time finding just one.
  7. Just because the game is "RNG" does not mean that grenades do not have a higher percentage of dropping compared to other items. When Sanhok was first released there was not as many grenades being thrown as there is now and the AR spawns on Sanhok have clearly dropped compared to when it was first released. Either they lowered the weapon spawns everywhere which caused the spikes in grenades or they intentionally increased the spawn of grenades on the map.
  8. It just proves my point that kids can loot the whole game and spam grenades on the last team...
  9. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/plz-dnt-nade-me/screenshot/12292370 16 grenades, I had a chance to grab another 6 but told my teammate to pick them up... not really sure how this isn't a problem...
  10. I have been playing PUBG since it was first released on Xbox when the only map was Erangel and I stopped playing this game shortly after Miramar was released because I didn't like the fact that I was forced to play the map and because the loot was decreased on Erangel. I came back to playing this game when Sanhok was released and I pretty much have stayed since, Sanhok has pretty much been the only map I have played since I made a return but I feel like a lot on the map has been changed for the worse since its original release. When Sanhok first released places like Boot Camp and Paradise Resort were loaded with ARs, Armor and Heals. I felt that if you wanted to have really good loot you had to fight for it which made the game have a completely different feel to it compared to the larger maps and I loved every bit of it. I don't like to run around and try to find loot, I want to land with other people and fight them so I can get all the loot I could ever need and be on my way. I do not care much about winning in this game, I enjoy fighting as many people as possible but it doesn't mean I want to die to people who are unable to shoot. I play this game only because of the fire fights that I get into and love how you have to react and respond to the situation to attempt to out play the enemy but recently that doesn't seem to happen very often. Anytime I get into contact mid to end game I instantly get bombarded with grenades like i'm trapped in the red zone by people who spend the entire game looting solely for grenades, i'm honestly convinced that these people only carry 3 magazines of ammo so they can save space for more grenades. When Sanhok was first released I cannot recall constant nades being thrown as soon as a fight begun, maybe this was because they were not as overpowered as they are now. I have talked with many people in the community and they agree that the nades have to stop, what is the point of looting if all you need to do is find grenades? Why drop near anyone if you can find just as many nades in mongnai as you can in Boot or Paradise? I believe this game would play much better if we could get increased AR and heal spawns in hotter areas and decreased nades everywhere and maybe even reduce the damage that the grenades do. And just to clarify exactly what I mean with the grenades please watch the video below starting at 57min. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/433763898?t=57m
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