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  1. Suppressors aren't useless -- they remove flash like a flash hider does, and greatly reduce the sound the gun makes. People will still hear it in the final circles, but its a bit harder to pinpoint and if there are multiple gunfights at the same time people will hear the other gun over yours. Mid game it is also less likely to draw attention from unwanted 3rd parties, so that advice of having no muzzle over a suppressor is just dumb. All of the muzzles help in different ways, depending on what you need at the time. In general, I want my close range gun to have a comp and my long range gun to be suppressed or have a flash hider. If you're not very good, an SMG for short - mid range and an AR for mid - long range are your best bet. Beyond that its just whatever you're comfortable with
  2. I was also having this issue -- and your reply solved the issue. Didn't realize you needed to 'Use' it after purchase. Thank you!
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