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  1. Froze and kicked me as soon as I heard thunder on Sanhok. Wouldn't let me into the game after.
  2. I get this "Network Lag Detected" and then "Lost Connection to Host". So I try to rejoin and it happens again. I finally get back in and I'm dead. Happens frequently also. You guys need to push a hotfix out asap because it is happening to a great many.
  3. Played Sanhok 8 times in a row the other night. I hate Sanhok, as do the other gamers I play with. I prefer Miramar and Vikendi is growing on me. My personal wish would be a large map selection and a small map selection.
  4. Is it just me or are vehicles extremely hard to control since the last patch? These things slide all over the place now. It's like constantly driving on ice.
  5. Crashed again as soon as I picked up an AWM.. FIX YOUR GAME!!
  6. Crashed again right off the bat, first game..
  7. I crash once every 10-12 games probably. Hopefully this next patch fixes it.
  8. I crash like once every 6 games or so. This should be a priority fix.
  9. Happened again tonight. Probably the 4th or 5th game. Screen locked up and the audio changed to like a grinding sound. I could have got back in and lived, but it kicked me 2 more times before I finally made it back in to find my player had just died and my fire team in a bad spot. Also, how come when I go to reenter a game, I can hear audio a full 2 minutes before my video comes on? The early game rendering seems to have been improved, but, I would much rather have that issue than being rando booted from the game. This game has been out for how long now??
  10. Kicked again late in the game on Miramar. 3rd game of the day. I haven't been kicked this much this since early days of the game. Anything I can do on my end to try and rectify the issue?
  11. Another crash. This reminds me of the good old days of PUBG..
  12. Just crashed late in my first game. Like 2nd from last circle, so super frustrating. I was riding a bike on Miramar. Got kicked trying to join the next game.
  13. I am still occasionally getting booted from games. It always seems to happen with like 10 people left. Super frustrating. It still happens to buddies I play with too. Any ideas what I can do to fix this?
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