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  1. Sorry, I'd say I'd be honorable next time and wait till you turn but I won't 😂
  2. I think that you are so good that you could play with sound alone
  3. I really liked the idea of him being your co caster
  4. I don't need the WiFi as I use the mobile data on my mobile I smuggled in in my ass. Got a new cell mate today and his name is Harold, he is apparently superb at PUBG
  5. I used to be the singer in a 80's style cheesy rock covers band and that was how I dressed
  6. Just looked myself, when I search without spaces I was there and when I searched with spaces it was random people and I wasn't on there. Now I'm wondering if you think I'm someone else 😂 @SleepyGrumpyCat
  7. Also I assume you realise that's not my real hair😂
  8. Search for my xbox gamertag (not my name on here) and I'm sure you will find something in Google images 😂
  9. How long before someone gets really offended about how people think they look?
  10. Cant help but have this picture in my head now
  11. People never look like I expect, I wonder how people picture everyone in their heads on here
  12. Everyone hates the way they sound, I used to hate editing videos when I dabbled with YouTube because it used to make me cringe. You sounded pretty good to me, seemed to grow into it
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