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  1. Theres already loads of ars, a couple smgs wouldnt go amiss. Get the p90 in there!!
  2. Theres camping in fpp where you wont be getting any information on whats going on around you without sticking your head out, or theres camping in tpp where you literally just sit behind a wall and get to see everything without taking any risks. Its more beneficial to camp in TPP is the point.
  3. M&K isnt really an issue for me, i think thats more of an NA thing.
  4. It frightens me that people think auto equip is a good move (although i wouldnt say its the majority). We are essentially playing a simulator, if you want auto equip- this game isnt for you.
  5. What your suggesting doesnt really make sense. If you are standing in front of a door and also on top of an item, what should happen when you press square.. should the door open or should you pick up the loot, something like that could cost you a death in the middle of a fight.
  6. Seems to be the majority that feel this way. @PUBG_Andymh5 any chance of jogging this on?
  7. I have a feeling it might tell you at the server selection bit, what your ping is for each server region. Used to be able to get that up by pressing options at the menu screen. I could be wrong- i cant get on at the moment so cant say for certain.
  8. Very likely to be desync/server lag,whats your ping?
  9. Theres nothing to stop that from happening man, im down. We just need a little FPP movement.
  10. @Drudd19_Gaming Im discussing the game and responding to a post which is the whole point of this forum, please keep your posts on topic. If you dont like me just click ignore user, its quite simple.
  11. Great idea i think, they could have it as an optional feature so anyone who doesnt want it can turn it off.
  12. It would be so much fun, i just hope everyone doesnt sit in party chat the whole time as it would make the implementation pretty pointless.im eager to hear more about this..
  13. What region are you in and what time do you play? Im in the uk and play evenings usually any time between 6pm and 12am. I never ever have low lobbies, the wait time for a lobby is usually 0-3 seconds early evening and goes up to about 20 seconds after half 10 or 11 at night. I just dont get how people can think this game is dead/losing players?
  14. @Socom-lover Is it not a positive outlook to be happy that these things are on the way, and patiently wait for them whilst enjoying the game that we finally get to play on ps4 for these past 7 months its finally been available? Id say its pretty negative the way everyone bangs on about custom games as if they own the rights to pubg. As ive mentioned in other posts its never gunna be as simple as "xbox and pc have it, why dont we?" As confirmed by the mods in another of the many threads about this, custom games will have an impact on performance and probably have an impact on matchmaking which is why we dont have them yet. You can call me nagative if you want, this is a public forum and your entitled to your opinion, but if disagreeing with peoples negative attitude towards the devs/pubg in general means im the negative one, then its probably not even worth continuing the discussion.
  15. EU lobbies are full and plentiful at peak times, ignore this stupidness @Sheepraider
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