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  1. I wish you could give people currency or buy friends a gift card.
  2. my friends aren't too good so yah.
  3. I see what you mean I guess I just was ranting.
  4. If you keep moving and give them a tough time and they miss enough they are out of ammo, you get 15 shots with an awm, most people couldn't hit a 2/15 shots on mobile if the target was moving. Then after they are out they dropped a kar98 lets say now they have no rifle and what good did that extra damage do. Sorry if this sounds really aggressive, I primarily play on mobile.
  5. A thermal 4x or 3x scope would be nice, but it would be super rare. A night vision scope for 4x - 15x A 12x scope A 10x scope A triple scope (normal, thermal, night) on a 8x, 10x, 12x, and 15x) A target illumination holo side laser sight (so you can use an actual grip)
  6. I tend to use AR and SR as my set up so I use an AR. Also ARs do a lot of damage, use a groza, aug, g36c.
  7. I have no reputation how do I get some?
  8. 3D printable level 3 helmet here is the link https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3643894
  9. thats a lot of damage
  10. Seriously, don't peg me like that also, trolly in what sense.
  11. No seriously, this is why I don't use Erangel, also why trolly? I guess I haven't played Erangel in a while. Or maybe I just land in bad spots.
  12. No seriously, this is why I don't use Erangel, also why trolly?
  13. IDK, but I have to get like 7+ kills to get loot and I never run into anyone, and I usually get snuck up on, and then I get one pumped with a shotgun, or I get killed by a squad that is camping on a mountain.
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