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  1. You right pubg should be played in fpp but the wall camp lust is strong.
  2. I think before it goes free the game should be at it's best it's not quite there yet on console.The last few patches have improved things but the jank can still be real in pubg.
  3. The animation system needs a overhaul imho.It's the one thing that makes pubg feel old.oh look a 30 cm high object impossible to step over.Trying to climb onto land can sometimes lead you to be flopping around like a crocodile.
  4. I Actually think the developers are too busy looking at all the cheating reports on pc because there are tons of cheaters on pc.I actually have got people banned on pc but it's like they don't care about the console version.
  5. There no way the developers will do anything to those "content creators" lol.It's pathetic to be honest.The reporting system on ps4 is a joke.
  6. The only way the developers will take us seriously is if people stop playing or head to Twitter and start blasting every Twitter account they can.
  7. Ha ha no worries man everyone is playing solo in squads anyways join the madness.
  8. I feel lately the developers are doing good things.I totally agree that fpp is the way to play pubg maybe crossplay can save us.
  9. The fascination with boot camp is a real problem on sanhok in squads.
  10. Calm down the issue I'm talking about is the no fpp lobbies the more players there are the more chance of reviving fpp.
  11. Give me anything but Sanhok.
  12. IF a player using a mouse and keyboard kills you it's not because of there skills it's because the input method is vastly more accurate.
  13. Yes the update has improved the console version.Just a pity about fpp being dead as it's the best way to play pubg by far.
  14. Give us the option to report players we are spectating.The report options are useless on ps4 there are not enough options.I think crossplay could save us from these cheating clowns.Matchmake them against pc players they won't last 5 seconds.
  15. The game is not dead but the player base is quite small on ps4.Cosplay between Xbox and ps4 would solve the issue.
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