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  1. Hi, PUBG crashes on launch as of today, after some kind of update. I've sent a crash report. I've had no issues with the game for many months, and have changed nothing about my computer, so I assume there is an issue with a recent patch. I played last weekend with no issue. I've followed all of the troubleshooting steps, including reinstalling the game, to no avail. Please advise; I simply can't play the game. Date Seen:5/18/19 Server: Live System Specifications: (You must supply all of this information) Operating System: Windows 7 (up to date) Graphics Card: GTX 1060 6gb 430.64 CPU: i5-2500k RAM: 8gb Full explanation of issue: Nothing happens for about 30 seconds after launching, then the taskbar briefly flashes white. The normal PUGB taskbar icon appears for a moment before being replaced with the error version. Then I get a nonspecific crash message. The majority of my screen never changes. Error message details: We are very sorry that this crash occurred. Please help us track down and fix this crash by providing detailed information about this. Thanks for your help in improving the Game. Troubleshooting attempted: All of the recommended steps except tethering to a mobile device. Other Information:None.
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