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  1. 1.报错见图1 1. Error reporting is shown in Figure 1 2.msvcp140.dll文件存在于systam32目录下(见图4),无法启动游戏.; 2. The msvcp140.dll file exists in the systam32 directory (see Figure 4) and cannot start the game. 3.电脑配置见 图2 图5 图6 3. Computer configuration as shown in Fig. 2, Fig. 5, Fig.6;The installation of 4.C++安装详见图3 4.C++ is detailed in Figure 3. mail:295836532@qq.com 平台:steam/PC I need help. Thank you for bringing me more than 200 hours of game experience, but the game can not be opened at present. 我需要帮助,感谢给我带来200小时以上的游戏体验,但目前游戏无法打开。
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