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  1. Can't believe some of the morons on this thread acting like the games of filled with hackers lmao.
  2. It's mainly EU times. It's 7am America and not a good time for gaming in Asia
  3. Hello still getting the attached issue. Trying to play EU duos at 12pm. 440k concurrent players. Why can't I play vikendi on this trash.
  4. What a stupid commmet lol. We've been playing since cod uo. No issues until this crap games changes to ping based match making.
  5. It's not extended queues it's not finding a game. We've been playing it at this time since it came out to beta and only recently had this issue. Ping based match making is a failure. I have less than 15 ping on EU. At EU times why isn't it putting us in eu servers
  6. NA. That shouldn't make a difference surely. We've had this problem for months. Can't find a game for an hour. Get a game. Get killed by a hacker.
  7. Dude I'm EU and it's 2pm Youre telling me I can't get a duo game at 2pm. FPP doing the same. No idea why I waste my time with this shit game
  8. Hello I am trying to find a game with a friend and keep getting the below... What is going on with this game!??? What am I meant to do???
  9. Posted this in another subforum but as usual no support from admins. For the last 3 months I've been able to play vikendi or the sand one... I am EU playing with a friend who's NA. We always get put on the NA Server which I don't care about but we get the below match making issues... Can anyone support
  10. Yep Happens every time I try to play with my mates from NA. Ofc I keep asking posts on here asking for support but they only wanna help when it involves warning ppl for calling out hackers
  11. Atleast you can play. I keep getting the below. Peak time. EU ttp
  12. Hello I have been getting the attached issue for around 4 months whilst trying to play with a friend from NA. I am EU. We play peak time NA and always get NA Server but never able to play those maps. Any ideas on how to fix this? Sanhock is getting boring now.
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