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  1. Yea i love a bit of chaos. Could make early game a bit fairer as can use the darkness to evade people if you get stuck with the usual pistol
  2. I want like a full on night mode, nv goggles, car headlights and street lamps. Lighting inside houses and built up areas, flare guns for light but dark in forest areas to use as cover and where night vision helps most. Laser sight would become more useful, even a torch attachment maybe. The direction you park cars would be useful for light and dark cover and flash bangs would have a secondary use. Texture loading would be easier as it would be less detailed in darker areas
  3. You guys have broke the test server been waiting most of the night and still cant even get a game
  4. Thats why i feel it should only be available to pistols and you should have to use that for your range then switch to sniper
  5. I get that it doesnt come equipped on the main sniper guns but that could be a way of balancing it, say you have to use your pistol for example to find the range then change to sniper, this is pubg after all so wouldnt want it to be simple. Would bring an aspect of spotting and sniping into the game. I dont have problem hitting people with a sniper (MC TOOGOOD gamer tag) videos on there of plenty of nice shots but just feel would be a nice element to add into the game
  6. I think the laser sight should double as a range finder when you aim down the scope
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