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  1. Well the voters are gonna vote on a topic that the developers chose to include in the polls, so any change that might occur i believe would be for the better. @fobyac
  2. Exactly, if you look up steam charts you'll see that the game is going down hill, the player drop is slightly decreasing the last few months so i really hope the developers step their game up so we finally see green numbers on steam charts. Its sad to see how pubg mobile gets all the love whilst the pc game doesn't get 10% of the content the mobile game is getting.
  3. @BeerusTheDestroy Pros put thousands of hours studying the game just to get an edge in every gunfight, and that is because it is their job, they want to be the best so they could perform and make money. Do you really think that the AKM is balanced when literally every pro switch it as soon as they find 5.56-rifle? I dont think you ever watch pro-matches/pro-streamers.
  4. Yup definitely balanced thats why every god damn pro-player and every streamer prefer the 5.56-rifles to it. *DEFINITELY BALANCED*: Pubg noobs who doesnt want to learn how to control recoil and just want to stick to the M416. The gun is utter shit, it is not balanced, hence why no pro-player prefers it over the 5.56-rifles.
  5. An HK416 is an m416, i don't think you actually have knowledge about guns. And do you actually think that damage numbers matter? It is all about the DPS, you can have a gun with 95 damage and a time between shots of 0.5 seconds, making it have 150 dps a second, basically a dmr. does that make it the best gun in the game? obviously not. If you have 2 people one with an m416 and an AKM start, both level 2 gear, both start firing at each other at the exact same time, there is absolutely no way shape or form that the AKM guy can win, because the m416's dps is higher, do you understand my point now?
  6. just because i think so?, literally every pro think that they are overpowered and want them to get reworked, they are the ones putting 1000 of hours into the game and know better than us moderate gamers who has couple of 1000 hours combined in gaming.
  7. ?? Ak-12 isn't even a close weapon to the AKM/AK-47? it uses 5.45x45- bullets whilst the AKM/AK-47 uses 7.62x39. But sure, @BeerusTheDestroy was saying that i was wrong whilst he clearly had the wrong facts, i explained how the AKM/AK-47 has a clear advantage to its 5.56 counterparts in all the games i mentioned up top, and in pubg nothing, AKM is trash compared to the m416 in pubg.
  8. Do you actually know what you are talking about? because iam sure you don't. Firstly where does it say in the update notes that its lethal radius is 3.5m. IF i read anything it says that they removed the grenades knockback effect and instead increased its effective range and damage, which is insane. I've been killed by grenades before in distances well > 5 meters (not 3.5m) my friend. Grenades aren't fine, they are inconsistent, overpowered and unrealistic.
  9. Closest weapon to AKM/AK-47 is AK-12? It uses 5.45x45 -bullets, Smh. AKM uses 7.62x39-bullets. I used the right links since there are no AKM/Ak-47 in bf4 or bf3.
  10. Exactly, those are all numbers with exception of armour & helmets.
  11. Not at all, The kill radius of a grenade in real life is 2-4 meters (that is obviously with the exception of armour and helmet), with armour and a helmet you are protecting your vital organs, meaning that you suddenly have a lot higher probability of surviving the grenade impact, if you want to talk realistic. All of the other BR:s are much more realistic when it comes to grenades than pubg.
  12. Realistically yes you suffer badly but its shrapnel and as long as you are 5 metres away from the impact do you know how much less shrapnel you are going to get hit by? Grenades are so overpowered in pubg in comparision to other BR:s i said. And yes they actually are. They are a 1 hit kill no matter what if the grenade is in the 5 meter zone: Cooking grenades makes it impossible to the enemy player to survive if he doesn't know the position of his opponent. They should soften up players as @Whiplash27 said, maybe leave a player's health 1 hit away if it comes in the 5 meter area, any closer would result in a kill. As for now the grenades really are too overpowered, level 3 gear wouldn't even save you, smh.
  13. Have you seen the iron sight of the beryl? you could barely see the screen. i would really like to have iron-sights improved. A big +1 for that idea.
  14. What are you on about? I clearly said the developers choose/filter the suggestions. Meaning that what they only feel would only make the game better will get to the polling, and it'll eventually also need >75% of people votes to pass.
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