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  1. Well I got rid of the flickering, but not sure what did it. Turned the shadows to very low. Turned off sharpen, v-sinc, and motion blur. Restarted and the export's shadows are smooth.
  2. Getting the same issue, only on Vikendi though.
  3. Thanks again for checking it out and the feedback. I'll keep crankin'!
  4. I've been using the new replay editor the past few weeks, and have really been enjoying it. There have been a few bugs which I'll list below, but overall the experience has been excellent. -Video will not export to file on certain camera slots. If I change the camera slot and recreate the key-frames, the video will export. When the video doesn't export, it goes through the whole routine of writing the export, but the file doesn't show up. Interestingly though, Windows 10 does create a shortcut to the file in the recent files folder, but the actual file doesn't exist. -First person views of certain people aren't accessible. This happened when I was trying to view a team mates first person camera in the chicken dinner, after I was dead. -First person views of people in vehicles doesn't work. Unless I haven't figured it out, it constantly changes the camera to free camera. The official PUBG video shows first person views from vehicles, but it isn't working with my editor. -Video preview on the timeline sometimes covers up camera options near the end of the replay.
  5. I've been making some videos with the new editor the past week or two, and really loving using the editor. This is the first content I've ever created, and it really brings some new life to the game for me and my friends. I am very bad at the game, but the editor can really capture some gold. I just wanted to share and get some feedback from people. https://youtu.be/pxyGRrlcqOI
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