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  1. Guys thank you for the help. I found (i think i did) the problem to be BUFFERBLOATING https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bufferbloat it is ganna take me some time but i will figure it out. @foreman thank you for the link its free ^^ that always good. Got a tip for testing http://www.dslreports.com/ and if is really bad https://downdetector.com/status/steam And this help me also https://pubgsettings.com/pubg-best-settings/ Hope to see you on the Battlefield.
  2. Good poll, gets things awnserd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys1pnXdoAdM
  3. Hi all, This is how i experians pubg. Oke oke i know its csgo but i have the same problem with pubg.
  4. with PC it some times happens wen there are alot of people playing it gets overloaded. Maybe its the same with XBOX??
  5. Hi all, How do i determine if the lag is coming from my Internet Service Provider or a overloaded gameserver??? Because im seeing a higher ping(and lag lots of lag) during rush hour. Is there a way to test that?? adher then www.speedtest.com.
  6. Thank you for helping me, I was running a medium overclock on Gpu and Cpu. I have removed them.now runnig stock base clock 1240Mhz and 3505Mhz Boost clock. Since then no more black.green,white crash screens makes me very happy. But the enemy player are still faster and doing way more damage. Also main menu seems to crash or restart went i start the game. But its weird the a overclock makes pubg crash and not Timespy i really tested it.
  7. As of today it had got worse i can not compeet a game im getting white and green crash screens with no error message only PuBG crash reporter I will stop playing because it not funny anymore i play to be entertaind insted im disapionted.
  8. Date Seen:approximately afther the release of update 29 Server: Live server and training server System Specifications: (You must supply all of this information) Operating System: Windows 10 home 1803 Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 with 4095MB of VRAM CPU: Intel core I7 4790k Haswell @4.00 Ghz 4 core 8 treads RAM: Two slots of DDR3 8192 MBytes Max Bandwidth PC3-12800 (800 MHz) Full explanation of issue: Random crashing to desktop with black screen. Some times with sound still going. Ingame a noticeable diffrence in speed between me and enemy player. Enemy player moves faster with no sound (foot steps) And does faster damage kills within 1 sec. with no gun sound. Wen i try to kill a enemy player i see bullets impact but no kill with kar and m416 and even s868 close range (Be as specific with this information as you can. Not being specific or exact with your information can prolong the troubleshooting) Error message details: The only thing i get is the PuBG support crash sending window that sends the crash reports Troubleshooting attempted: What i have done so far : Ingame i have adjusted the grafic settings lowering them. I have switched GPU overclocking program at first i had the EVGA tuning program. And now the MSI one with the rivatunerstatisticsServer. I have also lowerd the memory clock. Did some testing with Prime95 and 3dmark time spy with both i ran stable. Other Information: (Any relevant information that you think would be helpful) I run my gpu watercooled with temps. in game about 60C max. Cpu is also watercooled with AIO and temps about the same 60C in game. I have set a max FPS 200 ingame. Turn of shrader pre-caching in steam. Have done all steps of the READ ME: First Troubleshooting Steps exept step 13 it is not possible for me. Hope i have bin clear and got all the info right. Looking forward to a anwser.
  9. Hi All, Since today 15-05-2019 I`m unable to make a normal game. All was well yesterday but today i can`t make a kill The Reaction Time is too short for me. Let me paint a picture I`m sitting in a hut behind the door aimed at it and can hear someone walk up to the door open it at that time im pushing the button the enemy come in kills me and got full healht bar. Oke some times it happens But not the all day long. I have had contact with PUBG Support about this LAG But you get 3 standard solutions and if its not that sorry for you. I really like this game but with these things i wish for BF2 Revive :) back maybe ARMA 3 is better but thats to realistic anyone got some ideas. sorry for bad english.Like to finish with some positive Things that did work for me was to limit the start screen to 60 fps and the game to max. 200fps. and put screen scale to 100 in stead of 103. Thank you all for reading and giving a s...
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