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  1. I think i had around 85 to 90 frag kills when i got it
  2. Hopefully it will come soon man
  3. Damn im trying to get 1000 kills in one mode see if that works
  4. Alright thanks for sharing man
  5. Uff is that counting before the 'fix' ?
  6. Do you remember at what number the trophy unlocked for you ?
  7. Do you know if getting kills in different modes could be affeting the 1000 kills trophy to trigger ?
  8. Im having the same issues close to 1500 kills still no trophy
  9. Is there a rough date for a update that will fix this ?
  10. Wow just seen this thread i posted earlier today about the grenade kills and 1000 kills trophy got a reply from one of the mods and said they are currently investigating. I thought ok atleast a reply and hopefully it will be fixed soon but having checked here this problem seems to go back to january this year with the same response to others thats just unacceptable some of these trophies require alot of time and patience
  11. Right i was asking if lets say the update comes next week with a fix for eg when i log back in after installing the update with fix will the game recognize i have 50 grenade , 200 smg kills and 1000 kills and award the trophy or will it have to be completed again ?
  12. Alright and is the plan to award the trophy to those who have met the requirements or will it have to be achieved again ?
  13. Is there anything that might trigger it to work like reinstalling or trying to get more kills or it just impossible to unlock ?
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