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  1. Piece of sh.t ?? I have arctic skins for almost every weapon, have a nice level 3 helmet, amazing level 2 helmet skin which works perfectly in Sanhok, perfect clothes for Vikendi and lastly that beauty on picture. It has amazing rewards. On the other hand in event pass 3 there are horrible clothes, almost no weapon skins and have the challange missions worse than 500km buggy thing. About the Sanhok, rewards are good but reward amount is not enough, missions were amazing but it has a huge scandal about M416 Jungle Digital skin. Do you know some players sold that skin with a sh*t tons of money, then PUBG made a trading restriction about that skin and most of the players couldn't sell that due to it's price? There isn't still a perfect pass released yet.
  2. Sanhok has bad rewarding system as well. They have good rewards but the amount of rewards are less. All they have to do release a pass which has rewarding like Vikendi, missions like this or Sanhok pass. But PUBG is not that smart.
  3. Mission yes but as soon as the rewards are not satisfactory, buying the pass is meaningless. Since PUBG wants to sell premium, it's a huge failure.
  4. Really? Rewards were horrible. Vikendi pass has way better rewards than that. There isn't any reason to buy the pass. Maybe the players who won't buy the pass might like it but it's not good for me.
  5. Most of the players quit because they bored. Shroud, Aculite, Tomographic, etc. Are only a couple of example. There are much more bugs in early access yet they fix the bugs and playerbase shrinked so bugs are not the reason players quit. Desync is always exist in PUBG yet playerbase increased when the game released. So it's not the main reason. Chinese cheat invasion is all over the place yet numbers haven't reduced significantly. People quit because the hype is over. What's that mean? People are bored.
  6. Quick join makes the maps random. But fast and quick gameplay shouldn't be random. I like long games overall. If you don't make it random it screws matchmaking if you make it random then it screws gameplay. For either way it's not good.
  7. You do realise your suggestion splits the community a lot of pieces when they are searching the game and also you do realise it's not that wise since PUBG barely fix their matchmaking right?
  8. Loot is RNG as well. You jump with an enemy. You enter a house and enemy takes his or her house, you find sickle he finds AKM and you'll die. That's a normal thing in PUBG, you jump some edge of the map and some other player jumps on the opposite edge, circle appears. You'll get the circle and other players has to run all the way to the opposite place. That's RNG. You'll get a Air drop other players cannot. That's RNG or you try to stay alive and hide, plane drops an air drop on top of you, people rush that drop and you'll die. That's also RNG. As you've said you'll try to move with the fog and fog disappears, you'll die, you can't find a car, you'll die etc etc. The game is filled with RNG. So does the red zone. I don't understand why you like the most of it but not one of it. Probably you are right we can't agree. But that's the main part of the argument, you say your reason I say my reason, nothing changes mostly
  9. Firstly battle royale inspired from Hunger Games. It has the red zone . Secondly Playerunknown made first battle royale mod in Arma 3 firstly and it has the red zone. After that there is another mod in Arma 2 and it has red zone as well. Thirdly Playerunknown made his game after 4 years and called as Playerunknown's Battleground which has red zone. So Battle Royale has the red zone. Maybe your thoughts rejecting that but facts are facts. Maybe other BR games does not have red zone, but the ancestor and starter of the BR genre, Playerunknown version of battle royale, Playerunknown's Battleground or PUBG has the red zone. It is one of the main element in the game from the beginning. You know why ? Or you know why is that game become a hype and millions of people loved it? There is only one word to define why. It's randomness. This game loved by peole because you have to create a strategy depending on situation and that situation is constantly changing in game or per game like loot, blue zone, plane path, players actions, vehicles, air drops, red zones. If you remove those you'll get more predictable games which makes this game boring like classic FPS game. Core of the game is take those elements and make it realistic as possible. God of the game Playerunknown said we want to be the most realistic BR in the world and take a route of that way. On that perspective red zone is one of the element in the game and it should be realistic as possible. So it should be in game and loudy for the PUBG's sake.
  10. To be honest camps are total sh*t about loot since experimental . Never jump there and you'll be happy.
  11. Some blinds wanted to see that disgusting cross no matter what
  12. They've made it once about spring 2018. First 2 zone is faster than current version but after the 3rd you can beat the zone with walking. But most of the people died and complained about that, then PUBG removed that feature. About the constant bluezone, if you are very far edge of the zone you might not loot the place that you've jump properly and you will find yourself running with 1 kit and 1 weapon with 60 bullets. It will kill also early fights because if you are far edge you just wanna loot 2-3 buildings and run. Also it will destroy the entire zone strategy. You know every zone spawns inside of the old zone randomly not on the center. When first zone released people will rush to the center and it will be a mess. Randomness makes this game amazing. If you make it spawn random then you'll destroy the logic of placement advantage. In a short explanation you got the high ground with tons of cover and you don't have the next zone. Next zone is holding by another team or teams. You just wanna use your cover and terrain advantage for pushing until the zone starts moving. You'll get zone damage and it will change fight completely. With current version you have enough time to fight and move generally. So that's a no for me. But, if you make the adjustments and make that and called that as blue zone type 2 while you keep the current version of zone type 1 and make the zone types random per game it will be interesting. It adds more randomness which makes the game more fun. But as I've said it needs a lot of adjustments.
  13. And if you don't wear this, you'll lose your hearing ability like flashbang affect.
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