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  1. Dude, you’ve been saying this same shit for the past 10-15 days. Do y’all legit not care about the console version of this game? You keep saying saying more information, we haven’t had any information lol the communication between the devs and their community is the the absolute worse communication I’ve experienced with any game. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game. But the lack of communication is just killing it. You’re slowly losing the community of console players. Lol if I hear “will be shared at a later date” one more time, well I won’t do anything but still it’s getting annoying.
  2. Is there no update on the new season? It’s ridiculous I’ve been playing this game for a month now without any rewards in game, while you have the new season on pc and mobile. The console players have paid money for this game and they get the shaft on the new season? What’s going on and when can I expect the new season.
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