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  1. Hey everyone! Recently when watching a ChocoTaco video among other creators, the discussion about zeroing came up and how it is underused. This got me thinking. The main thing at the moment is that only the 6x and 15x as well as the VSS have a range finder of any kind, beyond these scopes it is estimation or next level math skills on the fly which is time consuming. Something else that I feel has lost its value and appeal is the 8x scope, prior to the 6x scope being introduced this was the only scope above a 4x that spawned outside of crates for those 300m+ shots. On the three larger maps (Erangel, Miraramar and Vikendi) the 15x spawns in crates rarely and you may also get an 8x on occasions, Sanhok does not have the 15x and rightly so. The 8x itself is very rarely more beneficial to have than the 6x on this map simply due to the design of the map. Getting these scopes from crates is rarely exciting for me and seemingly many players. My suggestion would be additional scopes in the crates ranging from 4x to 8x on ALL maps. The difference with these scopes that set them in the elite tier is that they would have an automated range finder. In order to maintain realism and not make these ridiculously overpowered there would of course be limitations. The 3 obvious and I think best limitations would be the following: Range finder only works up to a certain distance, this should vary between the scopes meaning for example on a 4x maybe 350m max compared to an 8x which could do 600m for example. This would also require the 8x Range Finder to be significantly more rare, almost or equally rare as the 15x. In order to prevent people seeing people they would not see naturally the range finder would need a period of time looking at the target to calculate OR have the zeroing reset button or a separate binding which may also automatically set your zeroing to the nearest setting.with this scope attached calculate the distance to the closest solid object the centre of the scope is pointed at so you could calculate distance to a house window, rock, tree or player. For a moving target the scope MUST NOT be able to tell how far to aim ahead, simply the distance to your target
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