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  1. I use to play pubg a lot and I know how I used to glide. As I said in the post I have tried to join a game without touching my keyboard or mouse in the lobby and the time I tried this I still got the problem.
  2. I built my new computer a few days ago and have just installed pubg again to see how it runs and start playing it again. In my first game I noticed that I couldn't glide at all. When I tried to glide like I used to across the map my character only went straight down. It's like I was holding left alt and just looking around but I wasn't. This is really frustrating because it means that when I play with my friends I can't glide to the same place as them and I have to go straight down and then try and survive and meet up with them. I have looked this up online but haven't found much. Fixes I have tried so far : - turning off sticky keys - setting all settings on pubg to default - refreshing the game cache on steam - tabbing in and out whilst I am gliding - not using W or LEFT SHIFT in the lobby Please please please help if you can because I really want to play pubg and it's completely ruining my experience of the game.
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