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  1. Yeah, I just wanted to see who stood where one last time before they closed them off so if you weren't sure you are in the top 100 you could check and know how much you had to grind or if you had to at all.
  2. @PUBG_Andymh5 Any thoughts if the leaderboards will be updated before rankings get finalized on 05/21/19? Would be nice to know, even if the answer is "no". Thanks in advance!
  3. Any thoughts before 05/14/19?
  4. For someone who is within the top100 for leaderboards for solo for xbox; is there any way to know if you still are within the top 100 since the leaderboards have not updated in about 5 weeks...at least for me its been about that? Would be nice to know how much I have to grind before May14th or if I have a cushion...Thank you in advance!
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