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  1. Trophies are still glitched. Since this has been a persistent problem since release, since a lot of us purchased this game on release and have supported you throughout, do you not think it is time you fixed this for us and show is some appreciation??
  2. There may be something to this for us that played at release. My 10 wins didn’t pop until I had 10 wins in 1 mode. I thought it was coincidence. I’ve calculated my kills in only squads and I’m still a few hundred off tho I have surpassed 1000 across all modes. I will report back once I have obtained the trophy and confirm if there is any correlation.
  3. If you need MnK to beat me and the squad I play with....you must be handicapped 😆 😆 😆
  4. It isn’t the nades that are the problem and yes I’m guilty of carrying as many as I can 😂
  5. That’s kinda what I’m expecting now mate. Thanks for the feedback, have a good day!
  6. Ha thanks man, I just can’t imagine doing it with anything else. Im looking forward to the MP5, it’s only in 1 map tho?
  7. I’ve not downloaded the PTS yet so have not used the new UMP45. The UMP9 is my go to gun tho. What do you guys think of the change? Getting out of sticky situations like this is what I like about the UMP9, it can absolutely squadwipe.
  8. The notification in the bottom right corner advises that last seasons rewards should be in customization but mine are not showing. Anyone else have this? Thanks
  9. Don’t get me wrong PUBG has had its issues but I take this with issues over Fortnite & Apex Legends anyday. I respect your opinion tho bro as I’m also in UK and can only play squads after a certain time due to the player base. I do enjoy winning squads as a 1 man squad tho 😉
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