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  1. patch notes are out now for pts on the 21st. Mp5k is coming, weapon changes and balances. attachment changes. patch notes look good
  2. Far from new 😉 this game is done lmfao idc what they talking bout up there. yes, I know about the weapon changes. Ump becomes ump45 and vector take 9mm. Mp5k isn’t even here yet and it’s been out for PC. We are not following PC idc how much they tell you we are 😂
  3. I put in over 1000 hours in this game since it’s release back in game preview, I’ve been on it since day 1 and honestly, as much as people think this game got better it didn’t. Its back to Fortnite for me, Apex is fun too but has lack of content just like PUBG
  4. It seems like they stopped caring all together about PUBG on console. We haven’t even had any updates on upcoming content and it don’t seem like they care to share with us where exactly PUBG on console will end up, cause right now it’s at a dead end lol.
  5. Not saying TERA is a bad game because I’ve never played it, but it isn’t PUBG Battle Royale and now they have designers working on a game that they know nothing about. If Greene couldn’t handle it alongside Microsoft and PUBG Corp then what makes you think this game is gonna get any better under different people? This game is a lost cause on console and I don’t see it getting any better for 2019 or beyond. The console version is so bad that I’d rather kill bots on mobile and have more fun with it.
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