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  1. I changed my name and it took away everything. I had 1700 G coin 7500 BP I bought the starter pack so I had that outfit also if you guys could please help me out and possibly get me my things back that would be amazing
  2. Guys I have been playing since it came out on Xbox. And yes this game has come a very very long way. But still it’s not hard to fix the simple issues that piss many people off while playing this game. Literally not hard at all. As long as this game has been out period. This thing should have been completely fixed by now. And honestly guys they have made a ton of money off of this game. ps4 this game is so dead you can’t get a fpp match. You play the same people over and over on tpp fort nite and other free battle royals games are absolutely booming and making a hell of a lot of money off of other things like in game currency battle passes cosmetics things like that. If they would release pubg for free. They would make a ton of money still and their player base would pick up a whole lot
  3. I really don’t mean to be hateful at all guys. But it has been years and yet we are still have a stupid amount of issues with this game. Please read our comments about the issues and not just the comments about cosmetics and money to be made for you. Fix this game please. I love the game but it’s really getting old. Been playing since it came out on Xbox. Now I’m on PS4. Please fix the issues please
  4. This error just started popping up for me. I’m in America
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